With the season premiere of Glee around the corner, we convened an emergency meeting at YKYLF Towers to debate what we’d like to see this year. The wine was flowing and the debate raged long into the night (Opera! A Rihanna episode! A crossover with New Girl!) and, at the end of it, here are our top five suggestions*:

*OK, some of these suggestions technically contain more than one suggestion in them. Did I mention the wine?


1) Less melodramatic solos from Rachel…

…more melodramatic solos from Tina. Or ANYBODY ELSE. Though, now that Rachel’s in New York and being challenged by a singing/dancing Kate Hudson, we fear the melodramatic solos will come fast and hard (can’t you see her, wandering the streets of NYC, missing Finn and her friends, while wailing “On My Own” from Les Mis?)


2) Will making adult friends…

… that have nothing to do with New Directions or WMHS. 

This has LITERALLY NEVER HAPPENED, other than when he was with Teri in the early days of the show. Every adult Will interacts with has something to do with the glee club or the school. At the very least, bring back Neil Patrick Harris as his former glee club nemesis so they can do another killer duet.  


3) More sick choreography…

…especially when the dance number ties in with the plot. Remember Brittana’s take on Whitney Houston in Dance With Somebody? A good dance number can sometimes distract from the rampant after school special preachiness that started to take over last season. BONUS SUGGESTION: get Channing Tatum to show up as a former classmate of Will’s and get him to dance a la Magic Mike.


4) No more after school specials…

…EVER. Seriously. DITCH THE AFTERSCHOOL SPECIALS (i.e. texting and driving on the way to a teen wedding will briefly paralyze your legs, y’all.) Ooh, and this fashion preview has us excited about the potential style-upgrade, so we really hope that comes to pass.


5) Consistency in storylines!

No more Rachel is Jewish/no wait she loves Christmas or Quinn gives up her baby/wait she wants her back/no not really or Sue is evil/secretly nice/evil/secretly nice. We want to be able to watch and not want to throw up our mouths/punch something/drink heavily. We’re tired of waking up the morning after a Glee episode like the New Directions kids in Blame it on the Alcohol


Tune in to the season premiere on Sept 13 to see if the Glee writers paid attention to our suggestions…  and be sure to check out our fashion recap on Sept 16! New York City, here we come!