Here’s part two of our Fall Fashion Super Special. Whether your look is preppy, boho, or adorkable, we’ve got you covered for back-to-school fashion. Get ready for Fall, YKYLF!

Gossip Girl

We will always love Blair, even if she has had more than a few fashion missteps these past few seasons. Remember B circa season 1? She always had the most perfect preppy ensembles and stunning dresses. Here’s a selection of picks from the Queen B’s closet.

Serena is totally immune to the weather, and sometimes has trouble remembering to cover up her vanderBoobsens, her macaron, or both. But despite it all, we love her (and her fab closet). Jewelled necklines, daytime sequins, kickass boots and yes, daring dresses are all part of our picks for S.



Every week we gush over Emma’s adorable perfectly coordinating outfits (how does a high school counselor afford that much Kate Spade?!). Her statement necklaces are always spot-on, and she never seems over-coordinated. Below are some perfectly coordinated ensembles for our favourite counselor.

Mercedes doesn’t care about what people think about her outfits, which is what makes her style so unique. Anything shiny and/or sparkly will find its way into Mercedes’ closet, for sure. We’ve compiled a selection of gems that we’re sure Mercedes would be all over.

New Girl


Totes obsessed with Jess’ adorkable outfits from New Girl. We love her fresh take on classics, her Kate Spade wardrobe, and her love of bows. Snaps for her always adorable PJs, perfect for a late night study sesh or movie nights with your new roomies. Just don’t wear them to class, k?


(note: 90210 is not a show I’m very familiar with, so I had some help from fellow YKYLFer Anthony!)

Silver serves up some hipster realness, but blends decades seamlessly. Whether it’s a 70s infused jumpsuit or a lacey Downton-themed blouse, she keeps it real and stylish.

Naomi has money and she knows how to spend it. She’s a bit like Samantha Jones: The Early Years. Bold, bright, and tight works for her, and we’ve created a collection of exactly that.



Ashley, our favourite London expat, always has the most perfect ensembles. From killer heels to gorgeous dresses, we want her entire closet. No, seriously, we do. Dear Revenge (!!!) writers, we love you, but can you please give Ashley a little more screentime/even more outfits this season? Love, YKYLF.

Emily looks great, whether she’s kicking ass or just planning her wedding. She’s one of the few TV characters who hasn’t really misstepped thus far (actually, come to think of it, all of Revenge (!!!) is pretty well-dressed in general!). We love her simple, classic style, and our picks reflect her elegant, but understated aesthetic.

Those are our picks… what’s your fav back-to-school look??