Hey YKYLF nation! With fall coming (crunchy leaves! trench coats! knit sweaters! Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes!) we’ve decided to compile a little collection of our fav characters’ garments for your fall wardrobe. Enjoy!


True Blood

We love Sookie’s (non-existent this season) cute sundresses and we’ve picked some autumnal prints, adding adorable tights and a cute cardigan. The perfect summer-to-fall transition wardrobe… fit for fighting vamps or just a Saturday afternoon.

Jess’ fantastic teenage-but-not-to-teenage outfits are always worn with a casual “oh-I-just-threw-this-together” air. The girl also knows how to rock a dress. The lacy tees, fab shoe collection, and occasional leather jackets inspired this collection.

So we’ve discovered that the Authority vamps favor leather – be it a leather dress or jacket. Here’s a collection of vamp-worthy leather pieces in case you want to infiltrate the AVL, or look really cute for a coffee date.

Pretty Little Liars


At YKYLF we continuously snark on Emily’s never-ending  parade of tees, tanks, and jeans. But there have definitely been instances where Em has BROUGHT IT. Case in point: awesome denim dress. And remember, a hat can make an outfit go from “blah” to ‘OMFG awesome“.

Spencer’s East Coast prep meets hipster ensembles are always a favorite of ours. We love Spencer’s endless array of classic blazers and oxfords, which are complemented by printed blouses of various animal prints (owl, tiger, donkey?!).

We never really know what to expect with Aria. Sometimes it’s absolutely cray 80s ensembles, sometimes it’s chic printed dresses. Aria’s style is definitely edgy bohemian, with a touch of free spirit (at least she’s toned down on the jewellery). We present to you a collection of sartorial randomness – peplums, studs, high-low skirts, and yes, forks as earrings.

Hanna loves to experiment with color, putting together chic candy-hued ensembles that somehow just works on her. Snaps for her neon pink pants (moment of silence for their destruction) and fab heels (which must not be less than three inches). Hanna also loves to show up for class in ensembles far more suited to a cocktail party, which we love.

Mad Men


So pretty much the entire internet is in love with Joan. Her sassy one-liners, that pen necklace, that figure, and an innate ability to dress amazingly ALL THE TIME. Yeah, we love Joan. Pair a sheath dress with kitten heels and swing coat for a 60s look perf for fall.

Megan (YKYLF’s bestie) is the more modern fashion-forward of the three, with her daring hemlines (conservative in today’s times) and abstract prints.

We had to include Sally Draper, mainly because Kiernan Shipka is awesome and we want to be her (or have her closet). Also because Sally is definitely growing up, and her ensembles reflect her own style, rather than Betty’s. Awesome peter-pan collars, adorable dresses, and remember those white go-go boots? Bottom line: we can’t wait to see how Ms. Draper’s style evolves along with her Coming of Age storyline. For a more grown-up look, pair a chic peter pan collared dress with sleek heels, and here’s a shimmery silvery dress reminiscent of the one that nearly gave Don a coronary.

Jane By Design

Jane did have a knack for pulling off tutus, ridiculously high heels (that we covet) and peter pan collars. She did have some misses, but overall, we’ll miss Jane (and the pinwheel arms). Pair tights and tutus, or sleek leather jackets and dark skinnies… and of course no Jane outfit is complete without sky-high heels.

So much love for Harper’s preppy mean-girl ensembles. Also her hair. Unfortunately, no one sells what magical amazingness the ABCFamily hair team uses, so we’ll have to settle for a collection of Harper approved (we hope) skinnies, blazers, and cute cardigans.

Gray’s revolving door of structured, well-fit, work appropriate sheath dresses are totes perfect for any fall work wardrobe. Gray keeps things from getting boring with statement necklaces…or dresses with prints better suited for landscapes.

India’s dominatrix-inspired workwear is difficult to incorporate into everyday life, but her covetable outerwear certainly does. A selection of India-worthy trenches and coats perfect for fall.