FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! What a painful episode to watch. And I even watched it twice, just for you. Elena drove everyone mad with her…well, with her personality, and things culiminated with Raul telling Elena precisely what he though of her. Somewhere in there were several shouting matches and a whole lot of freakouts. Oh, and I think there was a challenge? Yes, something about work-appropriate wear. That rings a bell. In short — too much drama, not enough fashion.

Designer Drama
Elena vs Everybody. Somebody get that girl some happy pills.

Kors’ Quip
“This is a soufflé that flopped” as a follow up to Heidi’s “it looks like boob soufflé” assessment of Gunnar’s dress.

The Auf’d and the Adulated
Melissa wins (yay! we like her!) and Raul gets to kiss Heidi twice.




A full recap (ugh, do I have to? You guys, this was BAD) will be up next week!

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