To baby or not to baby? That is the question on this week’s SATC. Or, more to the point, can you have a baby and still be you? The girls get invited to the baby shower of an old “wild child” friend of theirs and this gets them all thinking: Carrie misses her period and wonders if she would make a good mother, or whether she wants to be one at all. Charlotte definitely wants to become a mother, but wonders if it will ever happen. And Miranda and Samantha continue to be their usual baby-hating selves. They’re like baby, baby, baby, oh no!”


This week in Manhattan, there appears to be a mysterious condition afflicting thirty-something women – Miranda lost two sisters to it, and now their close friend Laney has succumbed. (Call the CDC! They’re dropping like flies!)

It’s called “The Motherhood”.

Symptoms include: Crazy eyes…


…Multi-coloured ribbon-like growths on the scalp…


…and unfortunately frumpy outfits.


Losing Laney to “the ‘hood” seems to particularly shake these single girls to the core because Laney used to be wild and crazy – dating rock stars and stripping on tables at parties (hey, if a girl makes Samantha jealous, she’s gotta be pretty wild, right?). Now she’s married to an investment banker, lives in a huge house in Connecticut (with a dog and a garden) and wears pink cardigans. Oh the horror!


It must be discussed that, in the flashback to the “Old Laney”, not only do we get treated to a view of Laney’s…well, everything, but we also get a hilarious little fashion flashback of the fantastic four:

Needless to say they have all toned things down a little since what I presume is sometime in their mid-to-late 20’s. They are a combination of tacky AND trashy, which is quite the feat. However, amen on the chicness of your ensembles, new girls. I cannot wait until I reach my 30’s and I don’t have to try so hard. Although I am actually kind of loving Miranda’s very French flapper hair from her earlier years – let’s bring THAT back!


Appropriately, the girls dress for Laney’s baby shower as if they are going to a funeral:

Well, Miranda’s going to a funeral. Sam looks like she is planning on providing some entertainment when they get there (although I am thinking a different type of dancing than the “belly” style that Carrie suggests). From the neck up = love; from the neck down = oh honey, no. What did I say earlier about the girls having toned down the tacky and trashy?


Meanwhile, I guess Carrie plans to move in with the Amish once they get to Connecticut?


Are there Amish in Connecticut? Anyway, at least the clothes underneath the black and leather have some colour:

Miranda – for once you are not dressing like a man! Bravo! In fact, you are looking very fem and chic in this striped top. The stripes kind of remind me of those jail prisoner costumes, which is appropos since she feels trapped in this house full of kids and moms in pastels (ironic, isn’t it, that she hates babies so much when *spoiler alert* she turns out to be the first of the girls to get pregnant? Sigh, the poor thing has no idea what’s coming…DUN-DUN-DUUUUUN!!).


Not having a baby doesn’t seem to be any concern to Sam. She’s more focused on what happens to her couch! She even throws herself an “I Don’t Have a Baby Party” and wears a rockin’ hot dress (because DUH! That’s what you do when you don’t have a baby, silly):


Sam looks pretty ecstatic about her life. Well, at least until Laney crashes her party and creates super-awkward vibes by making a complete ass of herself. Apparently, people only love you making an ass of yourself when you’re 25, single and working for a record company. Carrie tells her that party girl is “not who you are anymore”, and frankly I am ok with that. Girl needed someone to pin her down.


Carrie is not so comfortable with the idea of becoming a completely different person one day, though. For some reason she would like to stay a young, pretty, slim, fashionable writer with a gorgeous NYC apartment and a stream of guys willing to sleep with her forever. I can’t imagine why. Regardless, we sense a bit of disappointment at the end of the episode when she finally gets her period. Now she can only imagine how things might be different if she had turned out to be pregnant.


For one, she might have to actually start wearing bras…and would probably have to give up the 6 inch Manolos. But! But! She wouldn’t be Carrie if her nerps weren’t showing and she were wearing sensible shoes! And maybe that’s the key…maybe we don’t have to change unless we want to.

Care-Bear, I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

(Although, it couldn’t hurt to look into the bra-wearing thing. Just sayin’).