Hey YKYLF Nation! Our recap for this week can be found on PROJECT RUNWAY’S SITE (!) so please head over there to read and (pretty please) comment.


While Jen was off writing that, fellow staffer Kim was amusing herself matching PR designers to YKYLF characters. Designers are always in search of a muse, and we think we found the perfect clients for our designers, based on what we’ve seen so far…

Alicia + Kooky with a touch of military = Kurt from Glee


Christopher + Slinky luxury for the heartbreaker = Serena from Gossip Girl   


Dmitry + Rich-bitch monochromatic body-con = Victoria from Revenge   


Elena + Big shoulders and avant-garde shapes = Pam from True Blood   

Gunnar + Girly and trendy with a quirky twist = Jane from Jane By Design   


Melissa + Sexy with a touch of goth = Chloe from Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23   

Nathan + Colourful and shapely with flashes of skin = Samantha from Sex and the City

Raul + Funky menswear = Zoe from Hart of Dixie


Sonjia + Colour, print and texture mash-up = Aria from Pretty Little Liars


Ven + Architectural and feminine = Marnie from Girls


And finally, this is less about the designer’s creations and more about his own personal style…

Fabio + Tribal fortune-teller fabulous = Lafayette from True Blood   


Do you agree? Which character or show would you love to see on a Project Runway challenge?