So, remember last week when I said that things got emotional? Yeah, this episode blew it away. The designers create a look for a woman who’s basically Day to Night Barbie, but the challenge took second billing to all the shizz that went down.

Designer Drama
Forget “Women on the Go”… this was “Designers Get Gone”. Andrea and Kooan voluntarily drop out, which prompts the return of Raul, most likely because the producers were freaking out over the disrupted production schedule.

Kors’ Quip
“Fashion is not for sissies” only he sing-songs: “Fashion is not for siiiisieeeeees.” I was fulling expecting a neck roll and a wagging finger.

The Auf’d and the Adulated
Sonjia gets the gold, and we say bye to Buffi.


Look for the full recap early next week.

We’re recapping PR as part of the Project Runway Fashion Network blogging challenge! Yay, us! What’d you think of last night’s episode?