Some people like working in groups. I do not know who those people are. In my experience, working in groups means someone does the heavy lifting, and someone else slacks off. But surely that won’t happen on this episode, right?


First of all…KRYSTEN RITTER!

We here at YKYLF are big fans of K-Rit and Don’t Trust the B, and we pretty much squealed when we heard she would be on the show. Wasn’t it totally adorbs when she declared she’d never been to the Emmys? Get ready, girl – you’ll be there this year!



On to the challenge. The designers are put in pairs, tasked with designing an Emmy look to be worn by a designer from a previous season. The catch – each team is given a Lexus (PLUG!) to drive around town, and their gown must match the car. Ok, then.

After the initial consultations, it’s back to the work room where Elena flips out, saying she doesn’t understand why the PR folks aren’t giving them “days and days” to do an evening look. Clearly, she has never seen an episode of Project Runway.

Elena, when you make the lady with the crazy shirt and tights scratch her head, that’s when you know you’ve gone too far. I wholeheartedly agree with Christopher: her personality does indeed seem like she escaped from the woods. 


OH! Speaking of Christopher, he went from being excited about learning from the “older, veteran” Andrea, to being completely burdened by her snail’s pace.

And then the real drama began. You guys, there was crying on the runway. AND THEN! Chris made Heidi tear up. Who knew PR required a box of tissues? Andrea thinks being kicked out would be a relief. Foreshadowing?


Visiting with designers of yore made fellow YKYLF staffer Ann realize that they cast the same characters over and over again in Project Runway. She hypothesizes that this season’s contestants were created in a lab somewhere, based on previous contestants. No, really:



Enough designers. Onto the designs!

I honestly can’t decide which is worse – Andrea and Christopher’s chocolate monstrosity that made everyone cry, or Alicia and Raul’s boring/sexless frock.


I’m going with Alicia and Raul. Poor Mila asked for drama, and instead she got tragedy. Or comedy. Or maybe a farce?


Anywho, the middle three are truly mediocre.

1) I ADORE Laura Bennet, but Buffi and Elena’s dress is swallowing her. Don’t do that to my fake bestie.
2) Dmitry and Melissa’s silk charmeuse experiment could have been a study in futuristic fab, but instead, April looks frumpy. How does someone with purple hair look frumpy? I didn’t know that was possible.
3) Sonjia and Nathan’s gold dress – I’m fairly certain I wanted something like that when I was four.


As for the top two…

Well. Who would have expected Irina’s wedding gown to make it to the final two?

In case you need a reminder, this was the gown that made Kooan “sad”, which meant he couldn’t work. Brother, that’s called being lazy. Nevertheless, he and Gunnar (mostly Gunnar) made it work, and they landed in the top two.


The winner was Fabio and Ven and Kenley (mostly Ven).

I don’t know. This is charming and all…but for the Emmys? I’m not so sure. I would wear this to lots of events in a heartbeat, but not for a red carpet situation. What about you?


We’re recapping PR as part of their blogger competition. Leave a comment below – would you wear Kenley’s dress to the Emmys?