Y’all, we’re all through with Working Girl  Showgirls Jane By Design until next season! Since we added JBD to our lineup, I’ve been waiting for the big reveal that Jane is leading a double life as the most responsible/productive high school student evar /slash/ up-and-coming New York City fashion designer. That isn’t very insightful because let’s face, that’s been the whole premise of this show, but I was craving a throwdown with Grey and Jane. Instead, Grey actually cracked a smile for Jane, Billy replaced Nick in the play and had a public make out sesh with Zoe, Ben and Rita are back on, and Jeremy is coming back to NYC with India not far behind. As for our leading lady, Jane scored some bonus check action, used it to save the play, got busted, broke up with Eli and yes, was found out by Grey. All in all, a lot of loose ends to tie up in 30-ish minutes.


After the unsupervised rager, Rita decided to move in with Jane until they could figure out a solution to the best problem ever. But then Ben came back and was all, “Babe, I love you”, and Rita was all “Most def”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone work the prim Guidance Counsellor look like our girl. She is just taking it to the bank.


Across the pond, Jeremy was working his own look – dapper dandy barkeep. You know, in this environment, I find him incredibly attractive. I was never Jeremy’s most ardent fan, but a British piece who seems rough around the edges is definitely swoon worthy. The trip back home seems to have quelled his need to mix patterns that should never be in the same room together. 


Boy has several followers outside of myself, including Miss Thing right here. India’s got that cold, icy, frigid, “I live every day as if it were Fashion Week and I don’t have press credentials” demeanour, but deep down she just wants her man back.


Speaking of herself, India was ferocious at Donovan Decker. How do you put a camel blazer over? Just rip open the back and corset-stitch it with some leather laces. Wide lapels are showing professionalism in the front, and the back is showing personality to the end. India always knows how to deliver the urban dominatrix look.


Maybe it was the fierce blazer that made Grey reconsider India’s firing. ‘Cause we all know that queen doesn’t make mistakes. There were several looks this week that Grey showed and you know, I really enjoyed them. But we all love the white dress, right? Accompanied by major shoes, I died over the pockets and solid black belt. Perfectly placed to add dimensions to the dress.




At Whitemarsh High, Amanda’s play was sort of crumbling around her. The costumes were ruined, her lighting design was done, and people kept reminding her she wasn’t in the play. Rude. She didn’t give us anything over the top this week (except for some facial expression), but she clearly loves pink and blue tones. The dresses are cute but overall, unremarkable.


Finally, this week I can say in full honesty that I like Billy and Zoe as a couple. Complimentary styles, era blending and all-around working happened. Maybe it’s because we’re celebrating Pride Week in Vancouver, but I’m loving Billy’s animal print pants. They’re such a statement and he wears them so effortlessly. Zoe’s “Sandy in Grease meets Sid & Nancy” biker gear is so unbearably hot. Pyramid studs? Yes gurl, yes.


Even on stage they’re adorable. Jane’s designs for the costumes were pretty stunning. The Cinderella dress pictured is a lovely mix of Shakespearean costuming and modern design. But could we get a little less soft focus here? I feel like I’m watching a Barbra Walters Christmas special.


Here’s something you may or may not know about me – I’m obsessed with the movie “Showgirls”. In fact, hearing it mentioned this week actually made me scream. I have to totally give the writer a round of golf claps for including a reference to one of my all time favourite scenes in which Julie decides to take out Annie by throwing some beads on the stage. I’d put in an animated GIF, but none are SFW. So while the Stepsisters outfits weren’t all that during the “Showgirls” scene, their costume dresses were everything. 




Alright, it’s time to show off Miss Jane Quimby for the last time this season. When we first spot her, she’s in London in a very chic black ensemble. There’s a lot of industrial inspiration here with the leather and metal necklace. And look at those ova’ shoes. Jane knows how to make it work in London.


In fact, our girl had a penchant for black this week. Sure, the coat seems more foresty green when frozen, but I swore it was a black on black number. At any rate, the floppy lapel look seems to be in at Donovan Decker. And while she’s showing off her 5Gs to Billy at home, Jane’s sparkling something nice in this sequin top.


Now, we’ve come to expect a lot from Jane, so I won’t go off on this outfit. But I’m not throwing it some love either. Whether it’s the schlubby t-shirt that she may have picked up at a children’s store, or the cupcake styled skirt, I don’t feel this look. She looks bunchy and tired – it’s hardly flattering after seeing her so fierce in London. Of course, it could also be the pink and black combo. It’s so done, gurl. Unless you’re wearing “Exc!amation” fragrance, stop combining these two.


Is someone taking inspiration from Grey’s racing stripe frock in the opening credits? Are we working with half tracksuit, half waitress skirt from a 50s diner? The skirt could be fine without that top, which looks to be flame resistant in case you were wondering. Jane, you’re probably the most adorable NASCAR driver I’ve ever seen! But hey, you know how to work it and your costumes were stunning. 




In the end, everyone’s life seemed to wrap up nicely. Ben/Rita, Billy/Zoe, Jeremy/India all shacked up and Jane saved the day. But yeah, that scene we were craving with her and Grey and the “reveal”? It was lackluster. I appreciate a cliffhanger but give me something more catty than, “…Jane?”.