Oh dear, it’s a team challenge. That never goes well, particularly when you throw a) former Project Runway contestants and b) a trip to the Emmys into the mix. BUT! We also had Krysten Ritter as a guest judge, and that makes anything 8000 times better.

Designer Drama
Andrea dawdles, Chris melts down, Andrea lies, Heidi gets misty-eyed. You guys, it was an emotional runway.

Kors’ Quip
“There’s a horse somewhere missing its tail” in regards to Alicia and Raul’s hair extension.

The Auf’d and the Adulated
Ven wins again and shows a smidge more emotion. Raul is kicked to the curb, HOWEVER… the episode ends with Andrea MISSING. Dun dun duuuuuun! Cliffhanger!


More scintillating analysis to come on Tuesday.

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