Part 3 of 3: The More You Ruv Someone

‘The more you love someone, the more you want to kill ’em’. Terri’s being a brat and Will is reduced to dressing in winter jackets indoors, so I am not amused.


And why is Terri being a brat? Because her baby is a pillow, and that lovely empire line salmon pink shirt is covering nothing more than a beard! If I were Will, I would’ve known she was faking. She’s not wearing those ugly maternity jeans with elastic across the top.


He doesn’t suspect a thing, and why would he? They look like the perfect toothpaste ad couple in their white, him with his mild chest hair and her with her frills.


Terri has the inspired idea of buying Quinn’s baby, and pops up in her car to offer folic acid and advice. Her sensible blue V-neck and jacket and neat manicure look sane, at least…


But Emma is the queen of female fashion on this show. Admire that leafy collar. Worship it.


Ken appears underwhelmed, but he’s wearing the most revolting shade of lime green, so I don’t value his opinion one bit.


Covering up as much of Ken’s bizarre baby duckling hair as possible is the best idea, and he does pull off strong colours well. Can we keep him in red and black, please?


Subtle green and black are surprisingly good, though. As is that subtle patterning, go Ken!


But here’s the red again, Football Coach in Red. You know who does colour well?


Emma Pillsbury, who looks divine in a loose knit red beret, avec pom-pom. The heavy red wool coat is a trench-coat-pea-coat beautiful thing, exactly the same shade as the hat. What I truly adore is the bow tie-neck of her blouse peeping out at the top, so chic.

She is chic personified.


We return to more humdrum programming, to Will in his shirt and cardigan combo. He needs to take it to the next level, maybe add a pattern in the cardi as well as the check in the shirt and stripes in the tie.


I suppose matching a charcoal jacket to a charcoal and black tie is kind of snappy, but what is it with Will and blue? With men in general? Are there any men reading this who can tell me?!


But then, blue is much better than grey/no colour textured vest over a grey/no colour shirt.


Is that the same shirt as earlier, William? I give up.


…and here, he appears to be wearing a scarf and jacket over a bare chest. Is that a failure on behalf of the wardrobe department? Because I see grey wool – admittedly with threads of blue and black wool running through it – and then I see chest hair. No more.



Extremely pale blue button down this time, with a plain tie and a plain waistcoat somewhere between the colour of the walls and the cabinet. I would kill for a pop of red or purple. I would kill for some green, even. Or some gold?

Because Olympically-speaking, these lot wouldn’t even merit a bronze.