It’s the Unconventional Challenge! The fabulous Dylan Lauren (she of Ralph Lauren’s fam) throws open the doors of Dylan’s Candy Bar, and the designers grab $500 worth of high fructose corn syrup product to use as material for their designs. Some were spectacular, many were questionable, and a few were disastrous. I’ll bet that all were sticky. But mostly, I’m just glad that this episode taught viewers how to properly pronounce Ralph Lauren’s last name – it’s not Lau-REN, but rather LOR-en, like the girl’s name. (Oh, and Fabio? “Chanel” is pronounced with a soft ch, not a hard ch as in a TV “channel”.) The more you know.

Designer Drama
Gunnar feels that Christopher (you know, the guy who won the last challenge and now has immunity?) is threatened by him. Gunnar goes on to be in the top three, so maybe he’s right. Mark my words: there’s a cat fight a-brewin’.

Kors’ Quip
“She looks like rigatoni Mad Max!” in regards to Elena’s boxy noodle dress.

The Auf’d and the Adulated
We said buh-bye to Lantie and attitude, while Ven celebrated his victory by showing no emotion whatsoever.


We’ll be back on Tuesday with a more detailed recap!

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