Since we cover only the most stylish shows here on YKYLF, it’s no surprise that a number of our fave style stars were standouts on the red carpet for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. And the theme of the event seemed to be “OMG you guys I’m not the same person as my character!”


New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel (Jess) 

%image_alt%Esther: What’s with her bangs?

Bethany: This looks so heavy for summer and for what’s pretty traditionally a fun red carpet. I like her look a lot better when she’s being playful and quirky.

Jen: I’ll bet she was on her way to her friend’s baby’s christening (or her nana’s birthday) when she suddenly realized “OMG THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!”

Ritchie: Bored with her now. Have moved onto Krysten Ritter in Apt 23.

Jill: Whatever, I will *always* love Zooey. With those blue eyes, she can never go wrong in a blue dress.


New Girl‘s Hannah Simone (CeCe)

%image_alt%Lesley-Anne: Wait, who is this?

Ann: It’s Santana from Glee, but with bangs.

Jill: This is lovely! A great example of dressing completely unlike your character in the best possible way.

Jen: Again, New Girl is outshined by her best friend.


Glee‘s Lea Michele (Rachel)

%image_alt%Bella: She looks like a fifteen year old boy’s whipped cream sex dream.

Ritchie: Overdressed for that event.

Ann: I think she’s trying very hard to be like, “I AM NOT RACHEL BERRY IN REAL LIFE”

Jill: I’m insanely jealous of her perfect ombre highlights.

Amanda: Does anyone else find her red carpet wear as supremely boring as I do? Even when she looks spectacular, she looks too … I don’t know, posed? She has Jennifer Aniston Syndrome.

Jen: I was instantly reminded of a fluffy pink bathroom rug. I sort of want to pet her dress.


Glee‘s Kevin McHale (Artie)

%image_alt%Anthony: Are… are those faux leopard chaps?

Amanda: No, that’s a two-toned shirt. It took me a second to realize he wasn’t wearing those basketball shorts from the 70s.

Lauren: Omggggggggg wait that’s a shirt??!!! I seriously thought it was booty shorts over leopard pants! Sadly though, it doesn’t make it any better.

Ann: I just noticed he’s wearing Oxford shoes with this mess. What did the shoes do to him to make him misuse them so??

Lesley-Anne: The shoes want to be a part of any other outfit. In fact, the shoes are probably looking at both Chris Colfer and Darren Criss with longing.

Bella: With the greatest of respect for both groups…gay Power Ranger.


Glee‘s Chris Colfer (Kurt)

%image_alt%Esther: Bieber Hair 2012. Nailed it.

Ritchie: When he’s not on the show he is HOT!!

Ann: I think this is what Mr Shue thinks he looks like, but fails to pull off.

Jen: Snaps all around. Great job, Mr. Colfer.


Glee‘s Darren Criss (Blaine)

%image_alt%Ann: Apparently Darren Criss stopped by the TCAs in the middle of running errands.

Bethany: Pink sunglasses do not a red carpet outfit make.

Amanda: No, but I do like how they match the face on his Swatch.

Jill: He matches the backdrop, I like it.

Lesley-Anne: He also know his audience. Teenage girls + a dude in a fitted white tee = instant swoon.


The Pretty Little Liars (Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Shay Mitchell) + Ezra (Ian Harding)


Lesley-Anne: This is just a boatload of crazy. Well, not the Aria girl. The rest I’m not on board with.

Jen: Right?? How is it that Lucy Hale is wearing the most normal outfit of the bunch? Is she Aria’d out?

Ann:  I think it’s hilaire that Shay Mitchell’s personal style is all neon yellow corset top minidresses, while Emily is drowning in hoodies and slouchy tees.

Amanda: I’m calling it now: Troian’s dress is a clue. Spencer is actually A. She’s wearing a ballerina dress, alluding to the fact that Spencer has a Black Swan-esque split personality disorder, and the black swan half is actually A.

Ann: Wait… what’s going on in the lower half of Ashley Benson’s ensemble…?


Pretty Little Liars‘ Ashley Benson (Hanna)

%image_alt%JenDid they photoshop her top half onto (a much heavier) someone else’s lower half? I am so confused.

Amanda: Does the disproportionate lower half remind anyone else of a satyr, or is it just me and my weird brain wiring?

Ann: Those are literally crazypants. Crazy Pants. From the waist down, it’s Hefty Hanna time. From the waist up – gorgeous!