I find the title of this episode rather ironic, considering the main characters basically have sex with a different person each episode. Ah, but I suppose that is the point – to discuss what monogamy really means, and whether or not it works. Carrie wants to be monogamous with Big but discovers he may not be super-keen on that idea. Monogamy continues to be a dirty word to Samantha, who apparently cannot even be faithful to a real estate broker. Charlotte meets ‘the one’, and he wants her to do ‘the one’ thing she hates. And Skipper dumps his girlfriend for Miranda MID-COITUS. Dude, that is even worse than ‘dumping by text message’. Not cool.


The episode opens with Big and Carrie acting the part of Most Annoying Couple Ever, aka. “Couple That You Secretly Want to Trip on the Street Because They Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other”. Come on, you know the one I mean, we’ve all seen them! At least Carrie is being annoying in a cute dress:

This pink is pretty on her and it has a slight sparkle which, although a bit Vegas-tastic for an afternoon stroll, elevates it from just a plain pink slipdress. Big is wearing an impeccable suit, as usual. They are so goddamn cute…so cute you just want to punch them. AND this is New York – you do NOT get in the way of New Yorkers on the sidewalk, am I right? Get a room.


Carrie’s little love bubble bursts when the ladies go out to dinner and Carrie sees Big eating with another woman as they are leaving. When she asks him if he’s on a date he says “kinda”. Ummm, sooooo…yes? no? I think we can safely say that this is the beginning of the recurring issues between Carrie and Big – Carrie expects things, obsesses when her expectations are not met (which is often), and Big says cryptic things to avoid actually answering serious questions. Ah, ain’t love grand?

Oh well, at least she’s looking hot when she confronts him:

This blue dress looks fab on her slim bod, and I love the unexpected pop of red in her shoes and clutch. A colorful outfit to go with a, ahem, “colorful” expression (one that basically says “WTF?!).


Oh hey, Sam. Nice of you to drop by before your Easter ho-down. Not only that, but you’re pulling a Bridesmaid by matching your clutch to your dress. So it’s an Easter ho-down themed wedding?


Yee-haw! Appropos I guess, since a “ho”-down would be just Samantha’s scene.


This is a trend for this week because she does the monochrome thing again later, only in a colour that’s less ‘spring flower’, more ‘baby poop’:

Yeah that smell, Sam? That’s your suit. And snakeprint top, trim AND bag. I appreciate the daringness, but this is a tad too coordinated for my liking. This episode is about being monogamous to people, not colors. At least the shape is great on her. I mean, the woman could wear a garbage bag and the shape would look great on her.


At the other extreme, Miranda is completely covered up in her usual “man-semble” – i.e. a suit and tie:

While I kind of like the print on your tie here, Mir, would it kill you to wear women’s clothes once in a while?


I mean, I’m pretty sure this outfit was taken from my boyfriend’s closet:

And he’s not even very stylish. (Sorry hun, I love you but just…no.)


Why Skipper left his girlfriend that works at VOGUE to get back with you, I’ll never know. VOGUE, Miranda! VOGUE. So, I realize you work in a high-powered, male-dominated industry and you want to be taken seriously but you could take a few tips from Sam here – she has been extremely successful, too and she shows off her assets pretty much every chance she gets! Check out this smokin’ red number:

Damn, this makes up for the aforementioned Baby-Poo-Snakeskin-Episode. This woman has like not ONE ounce of fat on her body. Well, they say sex burns tons of calories and the girl has A LOT of sex so you do the math. (Please? Math hurts my brain). 


Someone who most definitely does not show off her assets enough is Miss Charlotte. At dinner, she is looking cute but also kind of “meh” in a blue suit combo.

Ok so the colours are nice on her, but really it’s JUST a suit and a top. Nothing special. Honey, you work in an art gallery, shouldn’t your outfits be a bit more…oh, I dunno, artistic?


She does go with a little more visual interest on her next date, but sticks to the same blue/gray colour palette:

Me likey the slightly quirky, asymmetrical neckline here and that pop of blue in the skirt is electric, but I don’t really “get” the little embellishments on the top – are they bows? flowers? Did you decide to repurpose your old duvet? You could be so hot if you really embraced it, Miss York.


As much as I am giving the ladies a hard time about their outfits, even I have to admit, they do look pretty bitchin’ and profesh strutting out of this restaurant:

Hold it, is Miranda carrying a Birkin? It went by so fast I’m not 100% sure. But if so, I take back what I said about the menswear. M…besties??

(Fun fact: I ate at this restaurant when I visited NYC 4 years ago. It’s called Remi and I didn’t realize it was in this episode until now. So, I have eaten dinner at the same place as the SATC girls. That means I’m part of the group now, right?)

[Ed note: I just now realized I had drinks last summer at the restaurant that Charlotte & BJ Guy walked out of when she was wearing the quirky, asymmetrical top. Apparently, the SATC scouts picked locations with staying power. – Jen]


Anyhoo, after the whole “not sure if Big’s on a date” debacle, Carrie decides to drown her depression in a couple of Cosmos with Stanford, and (what else?) discuss the “issue” ad nauseum. She definitely doesn’t look depressed in this sunny shirtdress though:


Ok so it’s a little maid uniform-y, but still fresh and cute and shows off her fab gams. I actually like the hair pulled up on her too. Oh and look what she’s wearing on her feet, boys and girls:

The red shoes again! Well, the girl may not be able to pick one man she likes, but at least she can stick to one pair of shoes for more than a week. Yay for continuity.


And, hey, look who she meets while sippin’ on her gin and juice – Justin Theroux – aka. Jennifer Aniston’s man-toy aka. super-hotty. Sigh, it’s too bad he’s wearing his grandmother’s tablecloth as a shirt:

At least Stanny looks pulled together. He went a little bit Valentine’s Day with the colour combo, but gets an A for effort, nonetheless. Thank goodness for gay men.

Sidenote: So. Much. Colour. in this episode! I freakin’ love it! Enough to be monogamous with it!


Remember the Nerps Dress from last week? This week Carrie wore the long silver version to a party at Big’s friends apartment:



No, seriously:

Anyway, Carrie finally tells Big that she and her nerps want to “stand still” with him. And he says….nothing. Granted, her question was a tad vague, and he does put his arm around her and she seems happy with that. Carrie, Big is hot and all, but I think your time and energy would be better spent on a relationship with a man that is actually a sure thing: Manolo Blahnik.