YOU GUYS! Guess what? As you’ve probably already guessed, we will be recapping Project Runway. But! A twist! We are also full-fledged members of the Project Runway Fashion Network.

That’s nice. What does that mean?

That means PR has invited us to join a season-long contest, and the best blog will go to New York Fashion Week and cut all the other blogs up into little pieces. Just kidding about that last part. Maybe.

Let’s do a preliminary poll. Do you think we should we win?

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Anywho, stay tuned for more details as we pursue our dreams of glory and how YOU, the YKYLF faithful, can also win glorious prizes. For now, please enjoy this video of Heidi Klum with lots and lots of scissors, and then go set your DVRs for Project Runway, which starts TONIGHT! (9/8c, more details on

PS: Check out the Nina G coverage on this week’s Jane By Design recap!