Part 3 of 3: Sneaking Suspicions

An interesting title for this section, you might say. Why, you might ask. Why? Because everyone is this section is hiding something, and it’s bound to be juicier than their outfits.

Coach Sue wants to destroy the glee club – why am I not surprised? At least she’s doing it in shades of blue and purple, rather vibrant for her.


Not to mention hot pink, very vibrant for her! Go Sue!


As tracksuits go, this aqua and teal blend is more than acceptable.


The Cheerios are Sue’s evil flying monkeys, right up until the moment when they fail at sucking the glee from the world and Quinn tells Sue to go fudge herself. Didn’t see that one coming.


Speaking of school spirit, here’s Noah Puckerman, Puck, the Puckosaurus. He’s way too often in sports attire when he should be shirtless, plus he has a mohawk. I like him.


See? A letter jacket when he could so easily have been sans shirt and made the scene ten times better.


Puck’s secret? He can sing. He can play the guitar. He’s kind of like a rougher, tougher Zac Efron in High School Musical. They have a similar taste in plaid shirts and jeans, as I recall.


When neither singing nor dancing, Puck attracts cougars like this one. That is far too much cleavage pre-nine o’clock, but what a lovely shade of cerulean. Great earrings too. Flawless Botox.


Speaking of flawless, here’s Josh Groban with contrasting lapels. There’s grey, there’s black, there’s curly writing on the t-shirt, there’s Josh Groban. Who could asky for anything more?


Anyone who got Ken Tanaka could certainly ask for more – more than a striped yellow polo shirt on a non-frat boy, that is. Actually, scratch the frat boy comment, I wouldn’t want to see this on anyone.


Maroon is a little more like it! Knee socks are not.


Aqua and black I approve of, although I feel like Ken should wear more shirts and fewer polos. And definitely fewer fanny packs.


Powder blue, very cute. That’s almost lilac, in fact, very cute. The question is, is it cute enough for Ken’s secret: that he’d do anything to steal Ms Pillsbury’s heart from the dashing Señor Schue?


Princess Charming herself is a dream in a white blouse and floral patterned sweater, plus darling white gloves for gardening. Emma can’t really put a foot wrong in my eyes, since I bet her shoes are gorgeous too.


How can you have anything against this woman when she matches her knitwear to her jewellery? When she wears strong shades of yellow despite being a redhead? When her hair does that flicky thing?


J’adore this outfit, simply because I didn’t know there were different variations on salmon, and Emma makes smoked into smokin’. The bow on her top being off-centre from the bow on her skirt saves her from looking samey and pulls the motif togethr.


Kim Kardashian once posed naked but for pearls, but if you ask me, this is how you should wear them: a pair of pearl drops matching with the adorable white pom-poms on your adorable white sweater, and a belt the same colour as your lipstick.

It’s early days for Emma and Ken, and already I’m down on them. Ken has striped yellow and powder blue and aqua – he doesn’t need Emma’s mad sartorial skillz in his life! Will, however, in all those drab polycotton blends…theirs would be a match made in Heaven, or at least Anthropologie.