Part 2 of 3: Loud and Proud

Before Will Schuester, there were Will Schuester’s parents. Papa Schue is a plaid-toting silver fox who wears bowties for casual dinners. I therefore love him.


Mama Schue knows about colour coordination, and her sage jacket goes very nicely with the striped blouse beneath, even if the cut is a little dated.


Papa Schue was clearly the one to infect Will with the sweater vest bug, but he pairs it with a striped bowtie, so I can’t be mad with him for long.


Mama Schue has a thing for Josh Groban, apparently, and also for china patterns on clothing. This iteal and blue mix is something my mother would wear, and thus I approve of it.


Another bow tie and a flat cap? Papa Schue, I have no words. Bravo, sir, bravo.


Why the advent of the Parents Schuester, you ask? They want to see their son strut his stuff as lead male in the Acafellas, busting a move, getting his freak on and wearing an objectionable fedora. Ken is wearing an objectionable white belt, and Henri and Howard are in uniform.



This is much better: Puck, Finn, Will, Ken and Sandy Ryerson, the drug dealing former glee club don, all in tuxes. Will’s undone his bowtie, hoo boy.


Terri either agrees with me that Will’s looking svelte, or she’s about to cackle evilly and cast a spell. Either way, no me gusta her generic purple sweater.


I’ve already gushed over this robe once, I’m not doing it again. Also, lilac and lace in front of your husband’s bandmates? Nuh-uh. Groupies should know better.


Another boring top in deep blue from Terri, but at least she’s made an effort with a pair of funky disc earrings.

I can’t believe I’m reduced to praising “funky discs”. Dear Lord.


Will seems amused by his basic maroon sweater, whereas I think spilling that red wine down the front might actually improve it.


He also has this penchant for pale blue, which really doesn’t work on a fully grown man who won’t even tuck his shirt in. At my school, you’d be court martialled if you didn’t tuck your shirt in. Principal Figgins is certainly lax with his staff.


I had a horrible moment where I thought that blazer was made of velvet and nearly imploded. No, it’s just shapeless and saggy and worn over a plain blue shirt. COME ON, WILLIAM!


Plain blue shirt, patterned claret coloured toe – marks for the tie, I guess?


We’ve seen this tie before, and I kind of liked it, but what’s puzzling me now is what colour that shirt is. Not quite grey, not quite blue, not even slate. I imagine it’s a similar colour to Will’s soul.


Dark blue is better than pale blue, admittedly. I’m thinking of starting a petition to have Matthew Morrison shirtless in every episode, which would be benefitial in two ways:

1. Half-naked Matthew Morrison

2. No more boring ass shirts


A no-colour shirt and a brown cardigan will never rock my boat, but at least Will’s made an effort with his striped tie. For the love of God, though, do your top button and sort out your cuffs! This is like writing fashion critique for a five year old!