This week on Girl in Progress (anyone else see that? No? No? Yeah, me neither) Jane By Design, Jane finds herself teaming up with India to actually save Donovan Decker. In the end the two discover they make a pretty good team. Jane even decides to tell Gray the truth about Jeremy being the mole, and even though Jane’s mom embarrasses the bejesus out of her, Jane forgives and forgets in attempt to mend their relationship. Ben, on the other hand, feels quite differently, though it could be he’s just confused about having both Amanda and Rita fight over him. And Billy and Zoe continue to get closer, even after Billy finds out some interesting news about Zoe. 


How does Jane cope with the return of her eccentric mother? She reverts to childhood, choosing a blouse she may have well worn in kindergarten. Don’t get me wrong, Jane is absolutely adorbs — just give her some pigtails and she’s ready for a playdate. Juice box, anyone?


Or how ’bout some non-fake bling? Dear Zoe, walking around with this gorge Hermes bracelet is not necessarily the best way to pretend to be poor. Especially not in front of eagle-eye Jane who can spot the difference between Fermes and Hermes from 100 miles away. And hello, it’s an awful sin to pretend anything Hermes is fake.

How Jane didn’t pull a grab-and-run I have no idea.


Possibly because she didn’t feel like outrunning these:

I think Zoe’s in a biker gang. These Steve Madden stompers aren’t necessarily my cup of tea, but I surprisingly don’t hate them. And they totes match Zoe’s badass style.


Speaking of badass, since when did it become acceptable for high schoolers to hang out in a bar? I guess when you have killer spikes on your jacket, people don’t really mess with you. It’s not like a bouncer could grab her by the shoulder and toss her out.


From teens in bars to teachers in body-con dresses. Oh haay! What? Doesn’t everyone have a Super Sexy Super Sultry Magical Fan at their beck and call?

Then again, her name is Amanda Clark. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that she has access to untold technological wonders.


No doubt Amanda Clark saw Rita Shaw’s outfit and had a quiet meltdown. Frumpy shirts with nary a tight dress or clevage in sight?

‘fraid so, Amanda. This ain’t L.A., honey.


Although Rita Shaw did sex it up that night in this orange frock with hoop earrings. With the floofy hair, she’s got a slight 70s vibe going on. Rawr! Go get your man, Rita Shaw!


Kate Quimby’s massive earrings should be flash enough for Amanda. Are those dreamcatchers?


At least her bag is big enough to hold them. As well as her entire wardrobe — it’s convenient and cute. Who says Kate isn’t practical! Unfortunately, her shaggy sweater? Vest? Shawl? Rug? Is not so cute. It’s making my skin itch just looking at it.


India, however…what’s not to love? She’s kicking butt from the minute she rolls out of bed, rocking skirts that are liable to pop open at any second, and making a simple black tank look like a million bucks. Damn, girl.



She can even do Gray, better than Gray! Love it. Although I must give snaps to Gray’s orange dress and matching choker.


Whatever fashion god produced Carter, I’d like to bow down to him/her. Is he ever not put together? Because honestly, I think I’d like to sneak a peek at Schlubby Carter. If he exists.

And I never thought I’d say I like a red and white checkered shirt, but I do, and I love it even more with this matching chapeau and bow tie. Usually checks are meant for hoedowns or picnic tables, not 6’5″ strikingly dapper men.


Jane was a little toned down this week. It was a nice change from her day-to-day tutus, though I do love me a good tutu. This skirt had potential to go frump, but with the extra large belt and cropped tuxedo jacket, she pulls it off. Just the right outfit to avert a crisis.

Oh wait…that happens every week. Life is complicated when you’re Jane Quimby.


Take her dating life, for instance. Does Eli know Jane used to date the star of the baseball field and hunk of the hallways? Very easy to confuse Eli with Nick in this letter jacket and cas tee. Though the jheri curl on his head was a little distracting, frankly.


Speaking of heads, mine would be happy atop of one of these dummies. Hands down my fav two characters of the episode. Muah, the short gold dress with princess cut top and sinched waist. And the lacy black number with accented gold sash? I am in lurve. Why didn’t Jane get to wear one of these fabulosities to the party?


Though the blue number she did wear was not too shabby. And with those earrings? Our girl looks hella glam and totes grown up. Which is good considering what she has to deal with…


Look, Jane! My skirt is as big as my hair!

I guess touring with Not Whitesnake rubbed off on her. At least she dropped the fugly shawl/vest/sweater from before.


I will say one thing for Kate — she brought a smile to Gray’s face, and it’s very becoming. So is this dress. Without a doubt, this is the most amazeballs outfit Gray has worn to date. I love the elegance of the lace and the scalloped neckline.

And the bright green earrings are great…for a different outfit. As is, they’re about as distracting as Eli’s jheri curl.




See, Jane and India agree. I just wish Jane told India her unflattering, puffy white vest is inapropes for public. Unless she’s attending an ugly sweater vest Christmas party. 


But maybe the fabulous Kelly Osbourne can school India on her granny vest. 

Seriously, it would have been a little fun if she was allowed to use grace us with her expertise, but I suppose it’s more fun to imagine the things she would say on Fashion Police the morning after the party. Ooh, crossover idea? E! and ABC Family execs, take note!