Carrie escapes NYC for a visit with married friends Patience and Peter in the Hamptons, only to confront the Cold War between marrieds and singles. When she returns to the city, Carrie breaks down the exclusionary methods of the married side. Is it pity? Fear? Or do married couples just want the singles “figured out”? When her married friends fix her up with Sean (the one bachelor in Manhattan who desperately wants to be married) Carrie and the girls go behind the enemy lines to figure out the truth.


Look, it’s Beach Carrie! Our city mouse trades her standard black for a blue striped tee and high-waisted jeans, complete with a blue boater hat.

And how freakin’ adorable is her coral paisley duffel? Do you think she owned that, or did she borrow it from Charlotte?


Carrie’s hosts for the weekend are Peter and Patience, Married Couple. Carrie thinks they’re straight from a J. Crew catalog. And guess what, she’s right.

Oy. So much monochrome.


The next morning (after regaling her hosts with stories from Single Gal Life), Carrie comes face to face in the hallway with something totally unexpected.

No, its not her cute pink pajama set, paired with the same white hoody she wore the day before…


…it’s Peter, half-naked. Frankly, that wasn’t very J. Crew of Peter.

Luckily for us, he’s covered up here. Is it just me or do khakis with t-shirts look sloppy and schizophrenic? From the waist up, Peter looks like he’s about to play in a pickup baseball game. From the waist down, he’s at a Hamptons brunch.


Patience looks much better, though the stripe on her button-up is a little narrow and pajama-like.

That smile, however, isn’t sticking around, as soon as Carrie tells her host what happened when she came face to face with little Peter in the hallway.


Later, at lunch with the girls, Carrie asks their opinions on The War Between Marrieds and Singles (apparently, this is a thing).

Charlotte votes for pity as the main issue–probably because marriage is a sorority Charlotte’s desperate to join. Or maybe it’s because she’s just as J. Crew as Patience and Peter. Uber-preppy or no, that cranberry color is gorgeous on her, though.


Samantha, of course, looks like she just stepped off the display window at Barney’s.

I’m just glad that color is more predominant this episode. The pilot had me worried. This cool lilac so flattering on Samantha, and the earrings are just the right touch of flair.


Miranda, as ever, is efficient and business-like in a navy blue collared shirt with no-nonesense hair. You know, lest we forget she’s The Serious One.


Carrie, on the other hand, wears something utterly bizarre.

Did her cardigan work its way from her waist to her bustline? I can’t imagine anyone would deliberately tie it there. Perhaps she left the Hamptons too early for the lesson in properly tying one’s sweater. I’ll bet that was next on the Peter and Patience’s agenda.


But forget those two. Carrie’s other married friends, David and Lisa, aren’t psycho flashers like P&P, and they’re even nice enough to bring along a blind date for Carrie.

I’m getting a 70s vibe here, what with David’s brown sport coat, and Lisa’s patterned blouse. Overall, they’re a stylish, put-together couple. Yes, I like these friends much better.


And their friend, Sean, is cut out of similar cloth.

Sean’s mustard yellow polo might be a little less stuffy if he unbuttoned the top button, but overall, it’s good enough to catch the attentions of Season 1 Carrie Bradshaw.


So they catch a few couple of movies. Carrie even likes him enough to straighten her hair and do her own version of the J. Crew uniform.


‘Cause Sean himself is obviously a card-carrying member.


Carrie even helps him pick out a top of the line cheese grater at Williams-Sonoma in preparation for a move into his new apartment on the Upper West Side. Question: is one allowed only to have a Williams-Sonoma cheese grater when one buys an apartment for way more than it’s worth?

What I love most about this outfit is it’s basically recycled from the others Carrie’s worn this episode.  Of course, we recognize her blue boater from the trip to the Hamptons, as well as her bright red trench from an earlier movie date with Sean. TV characters – they’re just like us!


Carrie’s not just a fashion icon because she wears designers, but because she wears brilliant combinations of what are otherwise normal pieces.  Of course, sometimes this goes very badly, like the cardigan mishap of earlier.

Or this:

Note to Carrie:  a flesh-colored bandeau top looks like saggy Spanx. I know Spanx hasn’t yet been invented in your time, but trust me, they’ll be big.  


Really, Stanford should have schooled her the minute he saw that hot mess. Hear that, Stanny? I’M BLAMING YOU!

Although, maybe he was too busy stealing her boater hat.


Meanwhile, Miranda is desperately trying to get the senior partners’ attention, and since she can’t as a straight single girl, she decides to go lesbian.

So she dresses in her best conservative lesbian lawyer costume, complete with full double-breasted jacket and bright red tie. Oh Miranda, you needn’t have tried so hard. Just take a look at Syd, your stylish beard for the night, who’s dressed so much more creatively and fashionably. Slate gray trench with a beautiful blue and gold scarf? Score two for Syd.


While Miranda’s impressing the senior partner and his wife with her newfound lesbian outlook, the rest of the crew heads to Sean’s for a housewarming. Unfortunately for them, it’s completely populated by married couples.

Charlotte, are you in there? What happened to your figure? I can get behind this color, but not the cut.


Samantha makes up for Charlotte’s sack with this navel bearing number. Frankly, if anyone can pull this off, it’s Samantha, but even on her it’s a little try-hard.

Oh, but wait. This is how we know she’s The Sexy One, isn’t it? Oh Season 1…you never were much for subtlety.


As for Carrie, she’s back in black.

It’s a fairly simple dress, but the flashy hair and makeup boost things enough to make it work. That eyeshadow totally counts as an accessory.


By the end of the evening, Carrie’s pretty much decided that Sean scares the hell out of her, Charlotte’s jealous, and Samantha’s drunk. When I say “drunk,” I mean it’s even easier for her to make typical Samantha decisions, like seduce Charlotte’s very young Irish doorman.

We don’t normally get a peep at Charlotte’s nightwear (she’s The Proper One), but when bad girl Sam wakes her up, we do. Oh honey, you should dress like this more often.

Despite it’s virginal hue, Charlotte’s nightwear is loads sexier than her red party dress. She’s clearly a bit mixed up.


Of course, Charlotte gives Sean an audition of his own, but he flunks the china test. You just can’t mix Traditional with French Country.

But you can mix a power turtleneck with an awesome navy coat. I think I hear Blade weeping in envy.


In the end, the girls are momentarily discouraged from marriage, and Miranda decides that the lesbian lifestyle isn’t for her. Movie night!

Such a quintessential Carrie outfit.  Purple bandana, blue t-shirt, red jeans and a simple black jacket.  No one else could wear so many different colors and get away with it. Just like no one else could dump a perfectly legitimate marriage prospect and smile about it the next day.