This past week we said goodbye to Mad Men and hello to True Blood. What do you think, is that a fair swap? Can Eric Northman make us forget about Don Draper? Anyway, our favesies from the week…


Marnie’s lovely coral dress from Girls “Leave Me Alone” confirms that our “Best Dressed” award should be renamed “What Marnie Wore” from


Baby vamp Jessica’s “Throwing a party in my maker’s mansion while he’s on the run from the Authority” outfit from True Blood “Turn! Turn! Turn!”


Megan’s “lounging around the house looking for work but still unbearably chic” look from Mad Men “The Phantom”


India’s fiercely chic white pants and towering heels ensemble from Jane By Design “The Celebrity”


Hanna’s awesome pink, green, black, white, AND blue outfit from Pretty Little Liars “Blood Is the New Black”