This week on Pretty In Pink Jane By Design, India returns to Donovan Decker to take Gray down work on a collaboration between Harrods and celeb hottie Aiden Chase, who introduces Jane to the fun (and not-so-fun) world of the rich and famous. Meanwhile Jane and Billy’s relationship continues to struggle, especially once Billy meets the new girl in town. Dun, dun, dunnnn! And poor Ben is dumped by Miss Rita Shaw in the middle of the town’s cemetery. Not very ideal. 


Jane, you work in fashion, not the Amish countryside. Why are you buttoned up so tight? Carter and Jeremy are so embarrassed by your short-sleeved button down that they can’t even look at you. Are short sleeved button-downs still not banned from existence? Because they sure as heck should be.

Thank goodness Jane decided to show some leg with that super cute black skirt. While it has a slight poof to it, it still makes Jane look super slender and shows off her fab legs.


Gosh, don’t they just look like a couple who has been together for ages and ages and are so in luuurve?

But puddin’, please, pretty please can you put just a little more gel in your hair. I don’t think it’s standing up to it’s full potential.

Janie, your outfit is not wild enough for me to hang out with you right now. Go change into a tutu and studded leather jacket and I’ll consider it.


Though we didn’t get to see too much of it, I loved this outfit on Jane. The flowered peasant top and (what I assume are) skinny jeans is the perfect look for school. For a brief second you forget that she’s doubling as an ambitious young designer working her tail off just to be blown off by the oh-so-cute heart throb at the club. You know, normal life stuff.


But her next outfit is a miss. I dunno, something is off with this simple black dress. Does she have it on backwards? It’s like it hasn’t decided if it wants to be a v-neck or a scoop neck. Dislike. The skirt is similarly indecisive. Either it needs to be shorter and poofier, or longer and more flowy. Double dislike.

On a more positive note, if anyone’s going to look totes amazeballs in skinny-white-jeans-that-are-so-tight-it makes-your-voice-an-octave-higher, it’s India Jordain. Holy Prada, girl has got it going on! And look at those killer shoes. I am so in love I can’t even breathe.




Welcome to Hollywood Janie! But while inside, we do not wear our sunglasses. Unless you’re Jenna and pretending to be blind.


Oh woe is me! Too many guys, too many parties, what is a girl to do?! Not wear this romper, that’s for sure. I get that Jane’s edgy and wears a lot of questionable things (that usually end up looking pretty good on her), but skulls on anything is just over played. I’m still not 100% sold on rompers to begin with, so adding body parts of the deceased is not going to get a thumbs up from me.


However, I fell head over heels in love with this dress as soon as I saw Jane turn the corner. Gurl knows how to dress for an occasion! Everything from the color, to the fit, to her black t-strap shoes, to the accessories, is absolutely beyond perfect. And look at the criss-cross action going on in the bodice.

If I could pull this look off in my every day life without looking like a misplaced prom queen, I would totes wear it every single day.


But then I’d have to deal with boys like this. Is Dan Humphrey seriously making this “look” cool? I’m not going to be able to handle another disgruntled, broody boy, swooning over a girl who will never be able to make up her mind on which guy to choose. Sorry, am I stereotyping? 

At least his curly-q is tamed, but the minute it gets out of control I may have to open up a can of whoop-ass.


Oh hey, India. We were just talking about whoop-ass.

Yes, her ensemble is a bit Beetlejuice, but I’m actually loving it. It’s nice to see India out of her dominatrix gear, and I’m always a fan of 3/4 length sleeves.


Oooph, I am not always a fan of this type of halter. Is it choking her? If the straps were a little longer it might be more acceptable. However, you can’t deny that India and Jeremy look glam, although I’m confused as to why they’re so gussied up for a night in the office?



But it’s better than Gray’s office attire. I’m typically of the mindset that landscape paintings are meant for your wall, not your bod, but apparently Dries Van Noten disagrees with me.

Hmm, landscape painting with a dash of modern. She’s kind of like a walking art museum. (“And over here, the Dutch Masters hall…”)


Ok, this is better. Gray, you look quite dashing in this blue dress. I think you’ve found your color. Though that look could slice a person in half.  


Billy’s new friend (ruh-roh!) is also into slicing and dicing, by the looks of her jacket. He better watch it ’cause girl-fran could poke an eye out with those spikes! Whoo-whee!


Speaking of girlfriends, seriously, why is Rita so mean to Ben! Fine, he could take it down a few notches, but that’s no reason to have to want to take a break! Especially since not only are they so adorbs, they even dress the same! And the couple that dresses together, stays together! Just look at Prince William and The Duchess! Exclamation points!


::breathe in, breathe out::  Ok, ok. That was upsetting. What’s going to happen next week?

BTW, I’m available to give Ben consoling hugs. Just putting it out there.