Oh Don Draper and your toothache, you still know how to cut a fine figure. I don’t find you as dreamy as every other lady and man on the planet, but I like the detailing on your tie.

And the well-cut blue suit is pretty great.


Your around the house wear? Well, it’s showing your age.

Seriously Don? What is up with that cowl neck cardigan? What is up with any TV dude in a cowl neck sweater these days? It’s all too Mr. Rogers for me and I’d like for it to stop. What next? Grown men wearing keds?


I want more of this Don:

That tie is fantastico and I rarely have strong opinions about ties (outside of this show, of course).


But for however sharply dressed Don is, he’s getting what he deserves, and that is a good, healthy dose of guilt over Lane’s death. For starters, there’s his visit to Lane’s wife to give her cash.

She looks good for a woman who just lost her husband. The deep mustard blouse with the bow? Well done, Mrs. Lane Pryce. But bitch is cold and she sent Don packing (after taking the cash) and told him the money is only going to make him feel better. Dollars to donuts he’s not going to feel any less guilty.


And oh hey! I’m right! Because his guilt is turning into creepy hallucinations of his brother who hung himself.

I know. I had trouble sleeping after that too. 


Attempting to follow in her mentor’s well dressed footsteps is Peggy. I’ll give her an A for effort.

I get that she’s trying for the tailored look, but instead it’s kind of looking like Santa Claus in this get up.


And judging by her underlings’ faces, she’s a slightly scary Santa

Those two are the beginnings of office casual. Although their office casual is dressy in some offices. 


Peggy’s new boss is attempting the workplace casual in way I’m not ready to support.

But I have issues with men in turtlenecks. The blue plaid jacket I will suport though. 


I think Peggy’s new position of power (did you see her name on the door of the office she doesn’t share with anyone? Go, Peggy!) has something to do with her new fondness for red.

Girlfriend is getting some self confidence and she’s wearing it on her sleeve and in her skirts.

She may still be leaning towards the full skirt, but I foresee a whole new Peggy next season. 


And Joanie, well, she’s had a hard row to sow this season what with the jerk husband, being a single working mom, and literally sleeping her way to the top. But she’s doing it in style.

Lady, you are killing it in fuschia. Harry Crane, on the other hand, is schlumpiness in his four (yes, four) different patterns. How does Jennifer let him go out looking like that. Pick a solid scarf at the very least!


Like Peggy’s red, Joan’s double breasted dress is a whole new, more powerful Joan.

She’s still got the Joan pen, but that dress is all buisness. And that brooch? Want. 


She does dip back into her old style a bit with the scoop neck sheath.


It’s an awful lot like the one she wore earlier this season. Which is why I was glad to see her do a different kind of sheath as they examined the new office space.

Fantastic Joan. Love the scarfy collar and that red is faboosh on you. And it sets everything up nicely for the first smack with the symbolism stick (I’m sorry Matthew Weiner devotees, I just like more subtlety).


Finally, I’ve got my doubts about this new super loyal husband version of Don. I know he worked through that when he killed a dame in his fever dream, but can he really resist the ultra-mod 60s girls who still hit on the aging Mr. Draper?


Do they have a daddy complex? Or does he send out vibes that he needs them to feel young? Because he totally caught the eye of the friend as well.

The dress is kind of the grown up version of Sally’s mod dress and I dig it. Having just typed that, I realize that these girls definitely have a daddy complex. Because there are no accidents in any scene on this show. But I do like the white and sparkle going on. I wonder where this old fashioned is going to lead Don? Back to growing old with Megan? Or towards the new with these kinds of girls. 

We’ll just have to wait and see won’t we. Hopefully we won’t have to wait quite as long this time.