Well, it’s been quite the season hasn’t it? Don’s got a wife who will stand up to him, Lane’s dead, Joan literally slept her way to the top, Roger did LSD, Betty got fat, Sally turned into a pubescent brat, Pete got punched (a lot), Peggy decided she could do bigger and better things, and SDCP is making a profit. So how do you cap that off? For starters, you get expand your office space. Don has a toothache and some hallucinations of guilt. Megan asks Don for a favour so she can finally get an acting job. Megan’s mom is kind of une grande bitch and she’s still got the hots for Roger Stirling. Pete continues his affair with a depressed Rory Gilmore because they’re both depressed – except he doesn’t know it yet. Peggy is on her way up, but a motel room in Virginia is still a long way from where she wants to be. And Matthew Weiner hits me over the head repeatedly with the symbolism stick. 


Best line of the season? “Not every little girl gets to do what they want. The world could not support that many ballerinas.” (Right up there with season 3 Joanie’s: “One minute you’re on top of the world, the next, some secretary’s running you over with a lawn mower.”) But it’s also the best line to split up this finale. We’ve got the ladies and gents chasing what might be phantoms, and those who are off getting what they want – or deserve. 

I’ve been of two minds about the fashion this season. Yes, this because this season has been about transitions and changes, but part of me misses the classy threads of Joan and Thin Betty. However, another part of me is super pumped at the arrival of the mod fashions on the back of Megan Draper. For this episode, I like how Megan mixes the two decades. She’s got a mix of the mid-50s-Audrey-Hepburn-Funny-Face going on at times.

Love the black turtleneck and skinny denim capris. You could do that now and still be the most stylish girl in the room.


But she takes that 50s look and spices it up with some accessories that are very much of her decade.

Yes yes and yes again to the kicky green headscarf with the great pattern. Hells to the no on her green shoes and even more nos on her friend’s striped top. Actually, I love the cut and the neckline of the striped top, I just hate the vertical stripes. 




Of course, when it counts, like during a screen test, Megan knows how to do mod like nobody’s business.

Sigh. So cute. And so not going to happen on me at my next Mad Men themed party. 


Her maman, who is quelle grande bitch much of the time, has the late 60s all wrapped up in this quilted housecoat.

There is something so horrible and so right about that housecoat and the smoke and the piece of toast for breakfast. Probably because two of the three are just completely outdated and hilarious (and I’m not talking about the toast. Because even if you do smoke, do you really do it while eating?)


But unlike her très chic fille, Marie is still hanging on to some of those slightly outdated ways of dressing – like never leaving the house without a scarf or a hat. 

Parce que mais ouis ma chers, I cannot go out sans mon scarf. My hair est un fright. Fou de fafa, comme si comme sa, au revoir!*

*I have taken enough French classes to know that I just wrote 75% nonsense.


But when she’s not wearing the headscarf, Marie is un dame trop classy. The pearls? The perfect nails? The perfect coif? The red wine? She’s my kind of lady.


But for all her classiness, there is still that look that is already starting to become retro in Megan’s day and age. Like the suit with the matching hat.

I love the idea that one would buy bouclé from head to toe as it really is so Jackie O when she was still a Kennedy, but as we head into the spring of 1967 we also head into the days when Jackie O dressed in a turtleneck and giant sunnies. The times they really are a-changin’. 


Which we see in the loungewear of Megan, which is so unlike her mother’s earlier quilted robe.

While this is a hot mess of floral (and looks not unlike my Saturday night with a bottle of wine and a copy of Vogue), Megan’s not hanging around the house in matching anything. Girlfriend is doing it for herself and that means wearing whatever the hell she pleases.


Well, everything she wants except getting the career she wants. Because nothing says chasing a phantom like this costume after your husband pulled strings to get you into it. 


Megan’s mod mod world is so very different than Rory Gilmore as she goes Sylvia Plath on us. 

While the camel coat with the fur collar and the hat are delightful, she’s still clinging to that suburban style that the young urban girls are doing away with. It’s stuffy and formal.


Even her day drinking wear for an affair before electroshock therapy still has a muted unhappy housewife look to it.

Ahoy mateys! I’ll admit though, it’s a far cry from Betty’s housewife days. But she’s still a Profoundly Sad housewife.


Even her bra matches her slip! That commitment to coordination is going to go the way of the dodo bird. Probably because it takes some time and maybe some help in the house to keep your lingerie that organized. I don’t know about you, but it’s a very lucky day when I can match the unmentionables. And I certainly wouldn’t bother trying if I was just going to get my brain shocked.


Then again, you might as well have all that organized before you forget things, like the dude you just slept with. Rory Gilmore is a electroshocked dream in pink.


At least Beth knows she’s profoundly sad. Pete doesn’t even know he’s depressed and wanting a life that doesn’t exist. However, his furniture totally knows.

While the rest of the office is going mid-century modern, Pete is the only dude with the oversized leather chair. Bitchin’ cufflinks though, Pete.


I also appreciate your striped ties – there’s something J.Crew-ish about them. Even though I’m suspicious of the continuity on the train scene.

Tie change or lighting change that is fooling the eye. 


His wife Trudy thinks she’s getting everything she wants, but being married to Pete means she’s chasing the phantom of a suburban dreamlife. She’s trying really hard though, in her full skirts and coordinating cardigans.


And unlike mod Megan’s hot mess of florals (it’s hard not to compare almost everyone to Megan…she’s been a breathe of fresh air), Trudy’s evening wear not only has a matching bow for her hair, but it matches the couch.

Hells bells, Trudy! You’ve got to tone that matchy matchy down! It’s kind of no wonder Pete’s a little blue. Who could take that much suburban bliss? 

I totally want those headphones. 


Around the offices of SCDP, there’s some folks after their dreams. I can’t say how well that’s going to work out for them. I mean, Scarlet is straight up adorbs in scarlet, but she’s not super bright is she?

Who cares when you look that cute and have such a great scarf around your neck. 


Also chasing the dream of doing whatever the hell they want, client be damned, is our creative team of Ginsburg and Stan.

Stan seriously needs to get a new jacket. The mustard yellow has got to go. And Ginsburg? Well, he’s just a mess. Literally.

I know I wore coffee on my shirt today and on my jacket yesterday (it happens), but I’ve at least got the decency to try and hide it when I’m going into a meeting. Get it together, Ginsburg! You might sell more ideas and argue less with Don if you’re not covered in coffee. Although, I’ll give you minor snaps for the colour choices. And I dig the die. It’s flashy without being novelty.


And our final man chasing a dream? Oh Roger Stirling. That LSD trip is a dream you need to keep on living. Just promise you won’t go to work during a trip? Because I don’t know that you can handle those polka dot walls.

Love that tie. Something about this show makes me stop and notice ties. Anyone else? 


While Roger took my advice about not going to work on LSD, I’m not so sure the giant hotel room window is a better option.