We’re in transition time, as two shows started up (PLL, Jane By Design) and two others are winding down (Girls, Mad Men). Some of our faves from the week were…


Megan’s sophisticated white and black sheath and checkered coat from Mad Men “Commissions and Fees“.


Marnie’s hipster bordering on chic printed pencil skirt and brown tank top from Girls “Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too“.


Spencer’s sheer turquoise and printed black skirt ensemble from Pretty Little Liars “It Happened ‘That Night‘”.


Gray’s chic summery printed shift and turquoise necklace outfit from Jane By Design “The Replacement“.


When work gets stressful Jane falls back on old standbys… namely her tutus. Jane’s ridiculously fierce leopard tutu and red leather jacket ensemble from Jane by Design “The Replacement“.