Pass the SPF! Our main shows are done for the TV year, and we’ve switched to our sunnytimes sched. Here’s what you can expect from YKYLF this summer, plus a few fashion picks for our favorite characters…


Pretty Little Liars

Starts this week

Dramz and heart palpataions are back! Seriously, how do these girls get any learning done?

For the PLL, we’ve chosen this ASOS Lace Skater Dress with Belt. Hanna can wear it as-is, Aria can pair it with some leather leggings and feather earrings, while Emily can throw it on for the rare occasion when she’s not in a T-shirt. As for Spence, how about this Ralph Lauren equestrian tote?


Jane By Design

Starts this week

The tutus! The pinwheel arms! The accessories! Oh Jane, we missed you, even if you won’t give us a straight answer re: who won the contest that we slaved over all during Christmas break and as a result we feel just a wee bit used and a tad more inclined to dial up the snark. Welcome back! For you, we’ve picked out this Marc Jacobs Mini Charm Heart Stacking Ring from the ABC Family Ring Warehouse.


True Blood

Starts next week

If vampires are supposed to be the bad guys, then we’re on the wrong side of the law. Welcome back to the show that makes us wish we were the undead! As for its heroine, the very much alive Sookie Stackhouse, we found this retro-styled Dark Floral Bikini Top, perfect for sunbathing. Or maybe it’s underwear. Hard to tell. Not that it matters much, with all the undie shots on this show.


Glee – Retro Recaps


Remember when Glee was this totally fresh, cutting-edge yet adorable new show? We, too, long for those days, and so we’re doing retro recaps. For Mercedes, Lover of All Things Neon, we’ve chosen these Melissa Star Sandals in Citrus. Kicky!


Sex and the City – Retro Recaps

Starts next week

There was much debate in the YKYLF staff room over whether or not to tackle the Grand Dame of fashion-driven TV shows. We wondered: Did we have the stomach to handle the pun-filled inner monologues? Or was a once-great show now just as unfulfilling as an empty metaphor?

We bet that if the show were launched today, Carrie would record her earth-shaking observations on an iPad, and she might carry it around in this Andy Python iPad Case.