The Cheerios are judging me for calling them hos.

That is all.


This is a Homance because it’s an all female post, which means the fierceness that is Sue Sylvester can have free reign. We start with Adidas tracksuits in candy apple red and sky blue.


Now jet black and snow white. Striking.

Done, and on to my favourite TV redhead (other than Christina Hendricks, of course).


Emma wears these wonderfully odd things, like a beige sweater with a heavy white and blue pattern that almost ressembles shells. I love it, especially the little bow flounces on the collar.


This is how you mix and match. Emma pulls together brown and white with a lighter shade of the former in her skirt, which goes very well with her bright hair colour. Salmon accessories are a daring choice for a ginger, but have the bolder of the two next to her hair leaves Emma chic, classy and non-clashing.


This is not so good: Saving Private Emma.


This may be my favourite outfit of the episode. In her own subtle way, Emma adds these beautiful statement necklaces to break up a block colour, which I highly recommend. The flower on her necklace carries on in the leaves of her skirt, which is gorgeous.


Dolly buttons, dolly beads and a whole lot of cute. Can I keep her?


This is wonderful. This is Marie Antoinette goes to the office, Anne Boleyn does work experience. Emma is oh so regal in this plum coloured shirt, complete with ruffled placket. Best of all the pearls and wee owl collar clips. Too kitsch and too sartorially stunning for words.


Ken wears this teal polo and goes on a date with Emma just so she can avoid becoming Will’s rebound girl. Right…so he’s okay being Emma’s rebound guy?

This show is starting to lose its plot, and it’s only episode two.