HOLY ?@#$%&*! I’m sure I speak for most of us here at YKYLF when I say I thought the big season shockers were dished out in the previous episode, but here we are at the penultimate ep of season 5 and I am still shrieking and flailing in shock. And there’s still one episode left. Wow. Joan, now a partner with SCDP, still looks fab in everything, and if she’s feeling remorse about her choices from the last episode, she isn’t letting it show. Sally refuses to go on the Francis Family Ski Trip, so Betty dumps her on Don and Megan’s doorstep. Don and Megan are still having communication issues, but Megan likes Sally enough to help her pick out cute outfits. Glen Bishop shows up to hang out with Sally, unbeknownst to the adults. But when Sally gets her period, she freaks and hightails it back to the Francis house, stranding Glen in NYC and giving Megan an awkward confrontation with him. Don yells at some potential clients and tries to get his ad mojo back on track, but everything at the office is fully and entirely interrupted when (SPOILER!) they find that Lane has hung himself in his office. The partners tell everyone to go home because of a ‘building emergency’ and sit around wondering what to do, while Don looks extremely guilty.


I’m so floored by what happened in this episode, I am almost at a loss for snark. Uh. I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge Roger Sterling for his impeccably tailored everything and especially this pop of color in the drab wintry wardrobe the men are exhibiting currently on the show. The red and white scarf plus his bold blue tie is really a nice statement.


Don’s scarf, on the other hand, is a little boring. It’s an okay pattern, and standard fare for Mr. Draper, but I’d like to see more color on him every now and then.


Be still my heart! Was he listening to me? Is that a GREEN sweater? It looks a little young for him, style-wise, but it’s a clear sign that Megan has been involved in the choosing of Don’s wardrobe, especially on his days off. He looks like a real person! A DAD even!


While Bets may be losing weight slowly but surely, you darn well can’t tell in this lump of a sweater she’s donned for the ski trip. I mean, I understand the appeal of a cable-knit to stay toasty whilst traversing the wintry mountainsides, but Betty? Do yourself a favor, honey and don’t buy another one of these. It’s too much.


Glen Bishop, you look worse than you did when you were a little kid. How is this possible? I understand you’re being bullied at school. I understand how frustrating that is. But you also look like a schmuck. And you’re mentally unbalanced. School uniform or awkward attempt at looking grown up? Not sure, but the parka doesn’t help.


Now that our girl Joanie is a big time partner with SCDP, she has replaced herself in Secretary Land with Scarlet, the least incapable of the currently employed. Scarlet shows promise in both the secretarial and the sartorial sense: like Joan, she  loves bold colors, trendy silhouettes, and artful brooches. I look forward to seeing more from this young upstart.


Although these are not the most flabbergasting items of Ms. Harris’ wardrobe, the first outfit is quite lovely. The dark blue with red dots is charming and I love the continual presence of her pen necklace; it’s a power symbol. And she looks the part of a partner at SCDP, so good for her.



The second dress is fine but just kinda meh compared to the stuff we’ve seen her in lately. But it becomes a mourning dress pretty quickly, so I guess that’s alright…?


Fashion champ Megan keeps it casual in a snug, green cable-knit (Betty, take notes!) and slim pants. This green looks dazzling with her pale skin and dark hair, by the by.


I LURVE this outfit. The black and white shift is so cute on her leggy bod, and the cutout-ish-detail on the chest is a neat touch.


Also, perfectly paired shoes and a perfect coat? I would totally wear this.



To go out to lunch with Sally and her Sassy Redhead Friend (whose name I have yet to commit to memory), Megan chooses shades of brown and camel, paired with a white scarf over what later appears to be brown corduroy and black, blue, and red stripes? It sounds confusing but like most of her clothes, Megan pulls it off with aplomb.


Saaaally, what is this? Is it a carpet bag? Is it just carpet? No, wait, is that velveteen? I’m not sure. I’m also not sure what it has to do with the dark green turtleneck you’ve got on underneath it. Yes to dark green, no to strange paisley jacket.


Oh, that’s right. You’re still a kid, pretty much, right? I keep forgetting, because you talk like you’re thirty and you are smarter than people think you are. My bad. Fuzzy pink slippers, a nightgown and a shrunken crazy-colored sweater is acceptable for a young person.


This outfit is also pretty young compared to some of the things she has been wearing of late, but the blue is works and the brown jumper is quite cute. Again, kudos to Megan for giving her tips on how to break conventional fashion choices and explore the full possibility of her wardrobe.


This dress didn’t do much for me at first, but later when Sally gets purdy for Glen’s visit and a secret excursion to the museum, I was a little more impressed. Even though the collar is huge, the pattern is strange and it’s drop-waisted, this looks pretty good on her and she pairs it with the white go-go boots, so she’s making it work.

Bottom line: Honestly, I’m terrified for what lies ahead for our intrepid 1960’s crew of New Yorkers. Everything seems to be falling apart… except Joan’s fabulous curves and Megan’s fashion-forward minis.