Drink this moment in, friends, for Ginsberg is not wearing his standby loveseat inspired blazer. I was never really into his character because I just found him to be too chatty and annoying. But in deep teal knit cardigan (with sassy tie, mind you) he looks pretty damn good! Though his tie is not nearly as sassy as the mystery creative’s red scarf in behind.


You know, just because you have a pact doesn’t mean you have to dress in complimentary colours.

But I must concede a hat tip to Kenny for rocking a seriously sweet tie.


Pete calls a partner meeting to decide Joan’s fate and we get a glimpse of this week’s suit collection from SCDP. Roger has been knocking it out of the park lately, but today’s more conservative choice remind me of Season 2 Roger. Which is fine but… I want more, y’know? And there’s old reliable Lane Pryce. So English it’s actually painful to watch. 


Really? The mystery creative guy is owning this scene? It’s really his blue and yellow chevron tie that’s killing me, but the zipped sweater is a nice touch.


Pete Campbell: an ass in Manhattan, a boring dad in the ‘Burbs. I appreciate his use of the tie clip (which is super trendy right now), but we need to talk about Trudy. I think she might need an intervention. More quilted housecoats? Each more technicolour than the last? What happened to my sweet little Jackie O. knock off?


Let’s be real: if you had to choose based on looks, SCDP would win every time.


Now, Don’s never been the model for innovative fashion, but I feel like he’s totally stepped up his game this season. His casual wear has been pretty solid and the tie collection has vastly improved. I mean, when you go from wide, solid colour ties to skinny ones with detailing like this, it’s like Country Mouse and City Mouse.


Also, anyone else pumped that he was back in front of clients pitching for business? It’s why we fell under his spell 5 years ago. Plus, when he’s pitching in a stunning blue suit with that one pop of cyan… seriously dude, my body is ready.


BFFs 4eva.


I love this shot because you so rarely see Kenny with Don alone in the same frame. Next to Don, everyone’s favourite Accounts man looks like a child. But you know what – he’s outclassing Don in the neckwear department.


And then here’s Mr. and Mrs. Draper having one of their oh-so-tense, the-honeymoon-is-over confabs. Remember when they were happy together? Yeah, me neither.

At the end of the day, we just want to see these two either get it on or look disgustingly attractive with each other. What’s Don going to do now that his work wife quit?