Well, well, well… wasn’t THIS an episode and a half! I think it’s safe to say that if you didn’t hate Pete Campbell before, you loathe the little weasel now. I mean, the scene where he tries to guilt Joan into sleeping with the Jaguar dude? HEINOUS. Everyone was out for their own agenda this week, although it seems like there was a lot of sacrifice. Let’s just all windmill snap for Peggy right now because sisters are doing it for themselves, and her departure from SCDP is going to have huge implications. On a more positive note, the clothing rocked the balls off this week – and does Ginsberg have a change of clothes?


Ms. Joan Harris — a rhapsody in blue. OK, that was over the top but I’m committing to the line. Any way you slice it, girlfriend looks stunning in blue tones. My favourites are in the top left and bottom right corners. That floral blue dress and the scalloped nautical inspired number were just jaw dropping on Joan. Oh anytime that woman cinches her waist she looks unstoppable.


Yeah, so when Pete actually tried to guilt trip Joanie into prostitution for a client, I’m pretty sure a layer of skin leapt off my body.


MY GOD WOMAN YOU CAN WEAR ANYTHING. Jewel tones. Earth tones. Animal print. It all works. Joan is a classic case of knowing your fits and being full to the brim of confidence. Just the hint of leopard on her brown top/skirt combo is perfect, especially in its coppery tones that match her hair. 


Even though I fell apart over her Blue Period, I think this was my favourite Joan outfit. It’s bright, summery and the scarf adds so much character to an already eye catching cut.

Also, can we talk about brooches? We need more. Everywhere.


Then we move to Peggy, who I think gets an unfair shake in the fashion department. It’s hard to follow a woman like Joan or Megan, especially when that’s never been Peggy’s style. Sure, this Nana-inspired cardigan is doing nothing for her, but she’s a writer dammit. We get chilly. It was nice to see Freddy this week – and to see that he still has a soft spot for Peggy.


Eyes off the lobster, Peg! Not wild about this mustardy, baking dish yellow Pegs is rocking here, but I’m quite a fan of sweater. I think if it was in a classic heather grey, or even an earth tone, she would look incredible. Maybe Peggy’s problem is colour choices.


For example, girl looks fantastic in her interview coat with that adorable checkered neckerchief. I love me some orange, and Peggy used just the right amount. Her plum choice for quitting however, I could have done without. It felt so matronly. For such an empowering moment, I wish Peggy was wearing something that reflected the situation. 


Forget about Peggy for a minute – who is that mysterious SCDP girl in the background? I’m totally in love with her test pattern dress! More of that, yo.


Alright – we all secretly love Joan’s mom. It’s OK, you can admit it to me. I’m cool with it. When they first introduced her, I thought we’d be in for a Mommy Dearest situation, but she just genuinely wants to help! And if she can do that in some of the most garish sweaters, cardigans, and eyeglasses, well snaps for you, sister. I just can’t even deal with her mohair cardi… what was that trend even about? 


Megan Draper – everyone’s favourite 20-something wife/actress/copywriter. Everything just seems so effortless for her. I’ve always envied people who can wear a turtleneck and skinny jeans as easily as the rest of us put on socks. No wonder Don puts up with her youthful spunk – she’s drop dead gorgeousness.


It’s just too bad her friends can’t adopt any of her flair for fashion. Seriously honey, what IS this coat? It looks like she wrestled a cheap throw rug before walking out the door. Her psychedelic, neon dress underneath wasn’t terrible, but if I can see your black panties while you crawl across a table pretending to be a jaguar… you know what, just forget it.


I honestly don’t know how Megan’s not getting any parts when she’s dressing like this. She must be a TERRIBLE actress because the champagne coat and dress are flaw free.

 Oh, and the tiny silver handbag? Stop it before you break an ocean of gay men’s snapping fingers, Megan.