So, this week, our fave twentysomethings all wound up at The Best Party Ever. Marnie came face-to-face with her ex’s new piece, Jessa flirted with her boss, Shoshanna accidentally smoked some crack BUT most noteworthy is that Hannah got closer to Adam. I know, right? It turns out when he puts on a shirt and leaves his apartment, he becomes slightly less heinous.

Ultimately, all four girls begin to discover that maybe the world doesn’t revolve around them.


Sad Hipster Outfit of the Week:
Who else but Hannah would take this award this week? Oh, girl, just no.

The baggy striped tee, oversized cardigan, too-big highwaisted skirt AND grey tights? AND hair in a high ponytail with a VISIBLE RED HAIR TIE? Did she come to this party straight from the laundromat on a day when she ran out of nice clothes?

AND Hannah and I have a similar body type so I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT when I say that shade of grey tights make you look like you have elephant legs. Like, switch it up to black tights or bare legs, and the outfit is already improving.

Also? Her girls dressed to the nines for this party and she shows up looking like a Librarian? (No hate implied: I actually am a Librarian) You need to step up your game, Hannah Banana. 


“Holla at Hannah”: Advice from a Trainwreck
This week, everyone BUT Hannah seemed to be dispensing advice. Elijah taking Marnie to task for her self-absorption; Adam calling Hannah out on how she never bothered to learn anything about him.

That being said, she held her own in her confrontation with Adam. When he admitted that he might be a sex addict, she noted, “Again, that’s sh*t you should have shared!” For reals. Sex addicts of the world: don’t wait to be asked if you are one, just man up and admit it.


Poor Life Decision of the Week:
We have some very strong candidates this week. Shoshanna smoked crack from a stranger in the bathroom line; Jessa invited an unknown caller to join her at the party. But I think accidental crack smoking wins, every time. 


Most Awkward Sex Scene:
Was this the first episode without an in flagrante moment? The closest we got was Shoshanna’s totally platonic groin massage for Ray.

Right Shosh? Totally platonic.

Riiight. Just call her Jennifer Love Hewitt with a Client List of one.


Queen of Entitlement:
Marnie takes the cake with her extended monologue about how Charlie shouldn’t have been able to get over her, but her best line was this (said to the gay stranger she forced to listen to her): “If I were a guy, you would have trouble getting over me. I’m not bragging.” 


NSFW (aka Not Safe for Work):
This is the category where we discuss the girls’ work-inappropriate attire. And Jessa brings an outfit that is not only work-inappropriate, but overall life in 2012 inappropriate.

Presenting… Jessa, mistress of the underworld.

What is that thing? Is that a jacket? Why is it so structured? Why is she wearing her hair like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

I did appreciate that Ray called her out on the outfit. So often characters show up in cracktastic ensembles (*cough* Aria *cough* Serena *cough* Carrie Bradshaw) and their friends never say what people in the real world would, which is, “Don’t you own any jeans and tees?”

Seriously, even inside of the Feather Structure, Jessa continued to rock mid-1800s glama with this velvet maxi dress:

And the turquoise necklaces? Really? Did this outfit really need TWO MORE ACCESSORIES?


Diamond in the Rough: Best Dressed
Was it just the contrast to the others’ haphazard, cray cray outfits, or was Marnie’s purple dress (which she’s worn before) amazing tonight? Check it:

Short, but not too short. Body-con, but not Victoria Grayson vacuum packed. Plus, it has these killer shoulders:

PLUS, it has this amazing open back:

As if that weren’t enough, she may have been the only female character not wearing brogues this week. Her wedges aren’t super-fab, but compared to every other shoe in the episode? Style star!


What say you, YKYLF Nation? Best Party Ever, or what?