This week’s style guide takes us from hipster to Hamptons, and everywhere in between!


The introduction of “sad hipister outfits” into YKYLF’s repertoire from Hannah’s striped sweater and jeans combo from Girls “The Return



Joan’s glamorous “mother of four shopping for a Jaguar” ensemble from Mad Men “Christmas Waltz


Roger’s interpretation of casual Fridays from Mad Men “Christmas Waltz


Rachel’s “finally made it into NYADA and following my dreams” outfit from Glee “Goodbye


Brittany’s “wait this isn’t a garden party? or a wedding?” outfit from Glee “Goodbye


Emily’s fierce peacoat and turtleneck ensemble from Revenge “Reckoning


Lydia’s “going to fake a medical emergency so that I can help prosecute Conrad” outfit from Revenge “Reckoning


Chloe’s very un-Chloe-like but still fabulous ensemble from Apartment 23 “Shitagi Nashi…


June’s “drank too much but I still look adorable and my hair is still perfect” outfit from Apartment 23 “Shitagi Nashi…