So, here’s What You Missed on Glee: It’s the season three finale, and most of the glee kids are graduating. Rachel’s off to NYADA, Quinn’s still going to Yale, Santana’s going to give New York a try, Mike Chang got a dance scholarship and Puck actually managed to pass his senior year. Kurt didn’t get in to NYADA but I bet he finds himself in New York anyway, and Finn surprised us all by joining the army. Oh, and Mercedes graduated even though she’s not a senior because she’s going to L.A. to be a backup singer. Geez, how many spinoffs is Ryan Murphy planning?

Rachel’s Melodramatic Solo of the Week:
Graduation brings out major feelings, so most of the songs this week skewed toward the dramatic. But of course, this wouldn’t be a Glee season finale if it didn’t end with a classic Rachel Berry sing-and-cry. She belted out “Roots Before Branches” after leaving Finn behind to chase her dreams in New York.

Yes, that face happened.

How Sue Sees It:
In September, we’ll finally get to meet the celebrity father of Sue’s baby. The anticipation is killing me almost as much as these maternity track suits are.

Track Suit Sightings: Two

Brittany Bon Mots:
“I was kinda glad when I found out I was flunking, cause it’ll give me a chance to do my senior year all over again – and way better. I’ll show up to my classes this time, plus I’ll get to be a two-term senior class president…What did you think was going to happen to me? I have a 0.0 grade point average.”

Song of the Week:
“You Get What You Give” because it brought back memories of my middle school days and the “Now” compilation CDs. But “In My Life” was a close second. In fact, room may have gotten just a tad dusty during that performance, causing my allergies to flare and my eyes to tear a bit. Shut up, I’m not lying.

Best Outfits of the Week:
Quinn really brought it this week with her fun, colorful dresses. And girlfriend really knows how to rock a classy hat.

Aren’t we all so glad she didn’t have to put her graduation cap atop that unfortunate pink hair?


And I loved this look Rachel donned at the beginning of the episode – yes, she’s still wearing knee socks and a tam. But the shoes and the fun, nautical shorts say “Rachel Berry is an adult now!”


But really, does anything beat the outfit she wore to arrive in New York?



I adore the shoes, but it’s the jacket, purse and hat that really knock this one out of the park. It looks a tad warm for June (I assume they graduate in June?) in New York, but it is tres Mary Tyler Moore Show. I waited the whole time for her to throw her hat in the air midway through an intersection, but it never happened.

Worst Outfit of the Week:
The worst outfit of the week honor goes to Sugar, for whatever was going on here:

Is that a pleated pleather skirt? What’s going on with her hair? She looks like a country club hooker.

Best Outfits on Non-Graduates:
I was going to nominate Emma for this imaginary award, because I love a good cardigan.

The belt adds a cute pop of color as well.


But Brittany really takes a cake in this floral dress and hat.



We’re all assuming she thought she was attending a royal wedding, right? Or a garden party?

Best Graduation Entrance:
It’s a toss up between Santana’s sassy shimmy and Kurt’s fabulous high kick.

Best Father/Son Moment Of All Time:
The best moment of the entire episode came very early on, when Burt Hummel delivered a graduation gift to his son. He’d learned the Single Ladies dance. Remember when he found Kurt rehearsing it with Brittany and Tina, many moons ago?

It doesn’t get more fabulous than this.


Unless you count the reaction Kurt had, which was a delightful mix of laughter and crying.

I don’t think you can end a recap (and a season) with a better photo than that.

I also don’t know what Glee will look like in the fall or who will still be on it, but I’m glad this season ended on a fashionable note. See y’all in the fall!