This week’s SEASON FINALE(!!!) episode of THE BEST SHOW OF ALL TIME EVER included Emily busting out ninja moves (AND AN AXE), the return of suddenly-pregnant Fake!Amanda, Emily hiding an MF’ing lockpick in her MF’ing hoodie drawstring, THE WHITE HAIRED MAN, and oh yes, QUEEN V AND LYDIA TOTALLY GOT BLOWN UP IN A MF’ING PLANE. In other news, Charlotte joins Queen V and Lyds among the possibly-dead, while Emily’s long-lost mother joins the ranks of the TOTALLY NOT DEAD. CLIFFHANGER(!!!)


Emily’s Target
White Haired Man, you goin’ down!!! (Literally). Emily drop-kicks and pummels WHM into total submission, then nearly strangles him with A GIGANTIC AXE! Thor’s hammer’s got nothing on Emily’s axe.

Gala of the Week
WHO HAS TIME FOR GALAS?!!?! It’s time to get your REVENGE (!!!) ON!

Best Dressed
Emily’s creamy fisherman sweater with peacoat and sunnies ensemble, most definitely. Honourable mention to Lydia’s green strappy “I will run off with you Conrad NO WAIT I will betray you” dress and black belt combo.

Most Soapy Moment x 3
1) After politely chloroforming herself, Emily picks the lock on her handcuffs with a lockpick hidden in her MF’ING HOODIE!
2) Emily is going to go confess her luuurve to Jack but OH NOES! It’s Fake!Amanda who is now pregnant with either a pillow, Jack’s baby or (my guess) BABY REVENGE (!!!) SENSEI!
3) Lydia and Queen V’s slow-mo stroll onto the PLANE OF DEATH. Seriously, anytime it goes slo-mo before boarding… rethink your travel plans. RIP, fancy ladies. (maybe?)

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 2.5
1) Emily’s pre-murder hug with Nolan, 2) Conrad’s steely-eyed hug with Lydia, 2.5) Conrad’s steely-eyed cheek-kiss with Lydia (not quite a full hug)


Ann (hey, that’s me!) has the delightful pleasure of recapping this Episode Of Episodes for y’alls on Saturday!!