OK, now that we’ve reached Nirvana, Hare Krishna styles, it’s time time to move on to our dream couple – Don and Joan! Doanie? Maybe more a Dojan. Or Jodon? Wait, wasn’t that one of the character names in Paul’s horrifying Star Trek script?


Here’s half of Doanie in a lovely floral outfit, chewing out the front desk secretary for letting in the process server with her divorce papers.  



Don’t you freaking love her necklace? I know it’s a Season 1 regular, and you’d think we’d get tired of it, but it’s just so professional and unique. Instead of a tacky heart or a lame star, she has a pen. It’s just so… Joan!


Don takes an upset Joan out for some fresh air, which obviously means a trip to the local Jaguar dealership. Doanie pose as husband and wife (parents of four) and the salesman doesn’t doubt it for a second. 

“That’s the most beautiful car ever made,” says the Ralph Lauren-inspired car salesman, and I’m inclined to agree. It even took my eyes off of our new favorite couple for a few seconds.


So, they take the Jag for a test drive to the local – what else – bar. There, they innocently have their first non-official official date. I don’t know about you, loyal Mad Men and Women, but I have been waiting for this moment for five long seasons.

Don asks Joan to dance, to which she replies, “You and me in midtown? You with that look on your face?” Dammit Joan, just one dance! Give Doanie a chance!

Don returns home, drunk and half-AWOL, to a furious Megan. Don’t be mad, Megs! Your forest green sweater is both comfortable and fashionable – the perfect combination! 

Of course, we are  talking about Megan Draper – a gutted beanbag would look great on her.


We can’t end the episode without a quick rundown on our creative trio: 


I’m digging Ginsberg’s hipster jacket, liking Peggy’s plaid skirt, and Stan looks like a “yield” sign. Never change, you guys.

Well I don’t know about you, but all that Hare Krishna chanting (and mocking) has worn me out. Until next time!