So what happened this week in the world of SCDP? To put it short – Lane is a budding white-collar criminal, Don and Joan make a cute couple and Harry gets exposed to some sexy (and near bald) Hare Krishnas.


Hey there fellow Mad Men and Women! Are you mad as hell, and not gonna take it anymore?  Me too! This week’s episode put the MAD in Mad Men, for reals.

Here’s Roger, looking like a frat boy trying to dress up as a business man, and already winning this YKYLF column’s “best outfit of the episode.”



Where-oh-where can I buy this shirt? And do you think I could wear it to work on casual Friday? 


Here’s Superman Don in a standard Draper suit. Although, what are your thoughts on the tie? I’m kind of digging the futuristic look with the golden stripes against the black background.


Speaking of futuristic, I didn’t know Don was dating a superhero from the moon. Oh wait, that’s just Megan. 

And thoughts on her earrings? My ear lobes have sympathy pains.


Here’s Lane, looking his white-collar-criminal best.

I’m liking the tie, but I’m straight-up loving his pocket square – subtle yet effective.


Meanwhile, in the land of hilariously awkward, Harry hears from an oldie-but-goldie Mad Men character — Paul Kinsey. Wait… what?  

Whoa whoa whoa. Kinsey, is that you? What happened to you and your…hair?


The Hare Krishna movement, we come to find. And before he knows it, Harry is chanting along side of Kinsey and Mother Lakshmi. It’s Harry Krishna!


Mother Lakshmi “encourages” Harry and his awesomely bland (yet somehow, also flashy) blazer and tie. 

Don’t worry, he’s not going to join the Hare Krishnas… Harry’s just a sucker for a pretty face. With unwashed hair. And probably kind of a patchouli smell.


Oh, Harry. He’s always had a penchant for being awkward, and that still rings true here – but let’s cut the guy some slack for this occasion…

Dude doesn’t know what hit him.