It was a week of season finales as we said buh-bye to a few shows until the fall…


Jane’s penchant for wearing anything sparkly was evident in her gorgeous jewel-encrusted dress ensemble from Mad Men “Dark Shadows“.


Zoe’s fierce red and black outfit for Lemon and George’s wedding from Hart of Dixie “The Big Day“.


Blair’s cotton-candy pink and giant flower pin ensemble from Gossip Girl “The Return of the Ring“.


Rachel’s “going to sing to myself in the mirror after bombing my audition” ensemble from Glee “Props“.


Emma’s 60s “Real Housewives of Lima” outfit from Glee “Nationals“.


Silver’s easy, breezy, Covergir–I mean maxi dress from 90210 “Forever Hold Your Peace“.


Lydia’s “Conrad wants nothing to do with you Victoria” leopard print dress from Revenge “Grief“.


June’s adorably innocent pink and lace outfit and sunshine-y yellow coat from Apartment 23 “It’s Just Sex…“.