I don’t understand why this episode is called “Props.” They talk about props like ONCE at the beginning and the rest of it is about other stuff. Whatever. So Tina Cohen-Chang finally stands up and says “NO” to swaying in the background. When everyone jumps on her about being selfish, she calls them out on ignoring her for three years and leaves. Rachel even tries to bring her back with a bribe but not even a cool $50 bill can soothe the injury of Rachel tyrade of self-absorption. When Tina hits her head after falling in the fountain at the mall, she dreams that EVERYONE HAS SWITCHED PLACES and it’s all disturbingly fabulous.

When she finally comes to, everyone is back to normal but Tina has a “new perspective” on Rachel’s “burden” of being the group star. Sue tries to talk Kurt into dressing in drag for Nationals — like Unique in Vocal Adrenaline — but Kurt puts his foot down and says that being gay doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to dress like a woman. Bieste finally leaves Cooter — and stops Puck from making a huge mistake in a fistfight after school with that Dumb Hockey Guy. Now everyone is on their way to Nationals in Chicago (WHAT UP, CHI TOWN!!!) and everyone is ready to go for the gold… we hope…WAIT. Maybe it’s called “Props” because it’s ALSO about showing appreciation for others and giving credit where it’s due. Like, props to Tina for standing up for herself and props to Bieste for leaving Cooter. OHHHH. #AfterSchoolSpecial


Rachel’s Melodramatic Solo of the Week:
“I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz

…wait, this is a JASON MRAZ song!??! Holy cats, I thought this was gonna be another Carrie Underwood or Miley Cyrus thing… it was just depressing. Rachel was singing to her own reflection, and the lyrics were about looking into her own eyes. Seriously? Rachel. Seriously?

The only marginally redeeming part of this sequence was the Anthropologie dress with little bees on it. I love that dress.


Brittany Bon Mots:

Mercedes as Brittany: “Rachel, after your solo I have to bail Lord Tubbington out of jail. He tried to sell my iPhone for drugs.”

Brittany as Britanny: “I’m not totally gay, but I think that trees are born like actual babies, so kicking me out would be kinda mean.”


How Sue Sees It:
“We have but one choice left to us. It’s time to fight fire with the flaming flames of additional flamey gay fire.”

Track Suit Sightings: 7 (one of them was Will as Sue, the rest were all Sue as Sue)


Outfit(s) of the Week:
I gotta say. Having Tina hit her head and then see everyone as switched Freaky Friday-style was AMAZING. And great fun. Therefore, I give you all of the switcheroos.

Artie as Santana!

Santana as Artie!

Tina as Rachel.


Mercedes as Brittany, Artie as Santana, Sugar as Quinn and Mike as Teen Jesus.

THIS IS PRICELESS. Puck as Blaine and Finn as Kurt. I can’t… get over… It’s so… I just…


NEXT STOP: Nationals!!!!