This week on Old Yeller Revenge (!!!): Emily and Nolan tag-team to bring down The White Haired Man, who conveniently shows up at Conrad’s office so that they can trail him. Emily wants to kill him, but Nolan and Aunt Carol prevent her. Meanwhile, Daniel continues turning into a supervillain, Charlotte continues to be a mess, and EMILY MAKES OUT WITH JACK. AND SAMMY DIES. SAMMY. DIES. AND THEN!!! THEN!!!! THE WHITE HAIRED MAN CHOKES NOLAN!!!

Emily’s Target

She’s got her sights set on The White Haired Man… until Daniel’s general suckiness, Nolan’s ‘stache, and Sammy’s TRAGIC DEATH derail her plans. 

Gala of the Week
Ashley’s busy planning Emily and Daniel’s Royal Wedding… but the closest we get to an actual soiree this week is Emily and Jack’s heartbreaking Sam funeral.

Best Dressed
Do you remember back in the pilot episode, we called out Lydia’s mastery of patterned dresses? She steps it up this week in a gorgeous leopard print dress. Well played, Lyds.

Most Soapy Moment
I was ready to give it to Nolan “Burt, Cable Guy” Ross and his ‘stache, until Emily and Jack’s sorrow at Sammy’s death turned into sexytimes… witnessed by Ashley, who OF COURSE was lurking just around the corner.

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 0
No hugs. Everybody’s either mad at everybody else, or keeping their secret evil plans too close to the chest for secret evil hugs.


Anthony gets onto the Hamptons Crazytown Express to recap this week’s episode on Saturday!