The pop culture world has been abuzz about HBO’s Girls, and since we love bandwagons, we’re hopping on. Some critics are claiming it to be Generation Y’s Sex and the City, while others simply view it as “Sad Hipsters in Brooklyn”. The YKYLF staff is solidly in the indecisive middle. Maybe you can help us choose a side.

To illustrate the point, let’s examine lead character Hannah at right, played by creator Lena Dunham. Hanna is a SATC blend in a Sad Hipster wrap:
40% Miranda (a feminist who always says the funniest/smartest thing in the room)
25% Carrie (a hopeless romantic who is reckless with her heart)
20% Burger (a neurotic aspiring writer with relationship issues)
10% Harry (little rough around the edges, but means well)
5% Samantha (never a stranger to phone sex).
100% Urban Outfitters. Wrinkled fabrics, muted colors, “eh” hair…we have definitely dropped down a few income tax brackets from Prada shoes and red carpet situations.

But! That’s ok! With whip-smart lines like “I think ‘journal’ implies a 13 year old girl who rides horses, and is obsessed with her mom – and it’s not what I’m doing,” Hanna is clearly a character we can see ourselves hanging out with. Perhaps not at [insert see/be seen Manhattan restaurant of the moment here], but definitely at [insert Sad Hipster dive bar/periogi stand/other ironic locale here]. What do you think?