Well friends, the first season of New Girl has concluded and I’m pretty happy with how this show has developed. It’s funny, it’s warm, it’s quirky, and best of all we got to appreciate 24 episodes of Jess’s adork…cute outfits. In the season finale, Nick panicked about moving in with Caroline and eventually changed his mind (thank god, I didn’t want to be subjected to Caroline’s blah fashion choices for a season) and, sadly, Schmidt and CeCe broke up. Already.


Jess was pretty bummed about Nick moving out of the loft when this episode began, but how could anyone stay sad when they’re donning such a cute dress and cardigan? Patterned dresses are kind of my jam, so I loved this.


When it was time to say goodbye to Nick, Jess wore my favorite outfit of the episode – simple black pants and black boots with this awesome detailed tee. How cute is that neckline? I want it, and I want it now. Jess rocks the cute dresses like no other, but I always appreciate when she dresses down like this too. Pants can be cute after all!




We were also treated to a bonus flashback recalling how Jess alerts the dudes to her presence in their communal bathroom – via triangle! Seems practical to me. Just how many adorable sets of PJs does Jess own, anyway? Where does one even buy PJs like this?


I know this is called ‘What Jess Wore’, but let’s check in with CeCe for a moment, shall we? Girlfriend has to wear some crazy stuff for work. That is some major hair and makeup, right there.


But I suppose you need the hair and makeup to stand out atop this rocket, of course. Ick. Is this supposed to make me want to buy a missile, or a silver lame dress? It accomplishes neither; I just want to wipe these folks down with some baby wipes.


Thanks to Nick’s panic attack about moving in with Caroline, the whole gang ended up stranded in the desert. I guess the desert is cold at night, because Jess is wearing a parka.


All the better to protect her tiny body (and that lovely shirt) from the vicious coyotes, I guess? Yes, coyotes. And not the kind who dance on bars for tips.


Scary, but some major sparks flew between Jess and Nick.


Maybe that’s why he bailed on moving in with Caroline? He returned to the loft, and everyone celebrated with a fantastic pajama dance party.


I think Schmidt’s somersaults atop his bed were my favorite.


OK, Winston didn’t dance. On the outside, anyway.


But seriously, this should be how every episode ends.

It pretty much sums up my feelings on the show. See ya, Jess.