This week, on a Very Special Revenge (!!!) Holiday Episode, we were transported back to New Year’s 2002 (and 1992). We get to meet flashback Emily, who is still going by Amanda and spends her time beating up boys in clubs with toilet seats. We also get to meet brown-haired Nolan, toddler-aged Declan, and Jack in the most hilarious wig ever. It turns out Nolan inadvertently set the whole Revenge (!!!) plot in motion, helping Amanda realize the extent of the Graysons’ eeeevil. We can only hope next week brings a flashback to how she hooked up with the Revenge (!!!) Sensei.


Emily Amanda‘s Target
Other than the guy she hit on the head with the toilet seat? This week was like the 10-year pre-reunion of the Red Sharpie Society, as many of her previous targets hung out unawares that their lives would be TOTALLY RUINED by that innocuous cater waiter they ignored.

Gala of the Week
Hmm… it’s a tie between New Year’s 2002 and New Year’s 1992. But I’ll give it to 1992 because David Clarke was all kinds of sweet hotness.

Best Dressed
Well, it’s a toss-up between Jack’s Dan Humphrey wig and Amanda’s tramptastic club banger mini dress and leather jacket… but I’ll give it to Flashback Amanda. 

Most Soapy Moment
I can’t choose just one. This week was AMAZATRONS 5000! Queen V sets her sights on David Clarke! Lydia sets her sights on Conrad! Nolan sets his sights on being bros with Jack! Amanda sets her eyes on DESTROYING EVERYONE’S LIVES. But I suppose I have to give the nod to the way Amanda gazed just to the side of the camera and talked to herself at the end of the episode. 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 0
In these pre-Revenge (!!!) days, the hugs were sincere, not eeevil. Although Victoria came close with her hug as she whispered, “You’re despicable” to the truly despicable Mason Treadwell.


L-A hops onto the YKYLF time machine to bring you this retrolicious recap on Saturday!