Look, it’s Rory Gilmore, and she still has terrible taste in men but great taste in coats!

Was anyone else stunned to see that this was Beth, Howard’s ball-and-chain? I’d love to hear how he landed her … okay, I really don’t care that much, but still, it’s pretty stunning. And, given that she decided to bed Pete, I’m guessing Howard landed her because of her astonishingly low standards.


I’ve seen some references to Beth as a darker version of Betty, which is pretty spot-on. A blonde version of Beth standing at the train station would have looked like a classic femme-fatale Hitchcock blonde. Unfortunately for Pete, Beth is far, far more messed up than Betty.

Fortuantely for Pete, she’s not wearing crinoline.


For all you fellas out there, let me give you a bit of advice: you know what won’t help seduce your 24 year-old mistress?

A tie with airplanes. Women don’t care if you bought a new tie. 24 year-olds definitely don’t care if you bought a new tie, no matter what decade it is. Sorry, Howard, you’re going to end up being a “what was I thinking?” story to that girl one day.


Pete agrees with me.

Including this photo only because I love him in all those blues – especially since Beth brings up how blue his eyes are later.


We only get a little bit of Ms. Holloway in this episode, and she’s in a drab frock.

And are those black gloves? With a brown dress? Oh, Joan. You’re better than that.


We’ve seen how our women in creative are dressing … let’s check in with the men, shall we?

Stan has rapidly become one of my favorite Mad Men characters. Now that he’s not incessantly sexually harassing Peggy, I can enjoy his tight polosand ugly plaid suit jackets – particularly when they clash so obviously with Ginsburg’s ugly plaid suit jackets.

True story: this is, apparently, the only tie that Ginsburg owns.

Has anyone else developed an insane, almost fanatical love for Ginsburg? I know he’s unstable and kind of annoying, but I find him so ridiculous that it’s almost endearing. Plus, his clothes are just so. damned. loud.


Speaking of loud …

I have a feeling that Mr. Chevalier Blanc and Sal would have been very happy to work together.