Since I’m saving the best until last, why don’t y’all buckle up  and meet Will’s wife Terri? Yes, she looks like a cookies and milk kind of women, but concealment and manipulation are more her game. She wants Will to give up his job with the misfit toys and go into finance.


As crazy as Terri is, she knows how to dress. I love this apricot coloured cardigan, not to mention the way it ties in with her top. She always makes the best of warm tones and browns.


Case in point. An outfit made up of brown would look appalling on most people, especially when they’re lying about being pregnant to blackmail you – however, I really like Terri’s brown buttoned dress with the puff sleeves, and her lighter belt.

The cami I’m not so sure on. That lacy border is just annoying me for some reason.


Will himself is torn between Terri and Emma, glee and accountancy, his heart or his wife’s head. At least he knows that pale blue looks good on him, which must be some consolation.


So much so, in fact, that a change of tie doesn’t necessitate a change of shirt. Unlike Terri, Will doesn’t look good in brown. I think he should start wearing more charcoal, all go-getters wear charcoal. Maybe indulge in a bowtie now and again.


Possibly my favourite outfit of Will’s this episode, due to shorts and manly legs on display – although he is only running round a high school level track, he shouldn’t be getting that sweaty.


Now, this is a tie I like (ignore the boring white shirt). It sort of has the colours of a mallard duck with green, brown and white, and is generally quite earthy and nice.


Brooding over his future in burgundy, a very nice choice.

Although folding his arms does make Will’s pecs look like a bosom.


Burgundy again, a lovely V-neck sweater and leather jacket, I’m so impressed! I would have gone for a darker jean colour, but that basic blue does lighten up the outfit considerably.


A pinstriped pale blue shirt this time, nice touch, and the tie has polka dots…but I’m starting to think blue and burgundy are the only two colours Will is aware of.


Two things that will become Will’s signature as we progress: cardigans and sweater vests. I don’t mind a navy blue mandigan, don’t get me wrong, but my granddad has that very same one.

It tops another variant of the pinstriped pale blue shirt, but that grey tie is rather refreshing.


Will discovers his true calling by way of Don’t Stop Believin’, again in pale blue (I’m afraid this can only get worse) and decides to stay a teacher. There’s something almost regal about his blue and pale gold tie…that is, there would be if he bother to tie it properly and do his top button.


So we’ve met the kids with their sad puppy dog eyes and lonesome hearts, the adults with their love triangles and black tongues, and I’ve already formed a grudge against Will for over-using one shade. Fashion savvy McKinley students and faculty beware, for I am the Gleecapper.

And I show no mercy.