Can I just start off saying I love this shot? First, that enormous rock on Em’s finger is always hilarious. Does it double as an anchor? It doesn’t matter actually, because from that sign I see behind her, as long as you live on the coast everything is just dandy! Once you get past the plots for destroying each other’s reputation and livelihoods, of course. 


So, girl rocked a LOT of black this week. And that scarf was everywhere. That’s all well and good, but I’m used to my girl looking polished and proper in some basic colours. Frankly, I was a little disappointed.


But I think Em shared my feelings. Did she seem a little emotional this week?


One of the best scenes from this episode is the reunion at Riker’s Island. Daniel’s accused of being a spoiled 1-percenter who’s getting away with murder, so naturally his super hot girlfriend shows up in a stunning coat. Daniel doesn’t look to shabby either. I’m a sucker for oversized anchor buttons. The pirate cuffs on Emily’s coat are tough to swallow, but the rest (including the shades) is perfect.


Now that homeboy is out of the slammer, he’s got a few questions. And since Jack showed up to chat about the bloody sweatshirt*, Daniel’s starting to suspect something is up. FINALLY.

*note: I’m not giving up on this Jack sweater deal because seriously, who keeps that secret only to spill it to the guy who went to jail for the related murder charge!?


Emz is still doing her best impression of a caring girlfriend which, if I may be honest, is as flat as Declan’s chest. But that’s OK because this week, Daniel was the one who was hiding a fiendish plot. How can you tell? Oh, just this over-the-shoulder action. 


Sweet Georgia Brown, that boy knows how to wear a suit. There’s nothing remarkable about it, really. Typical black suit. But the inclusion of the vest is a nice touch. Maybe a little too formal for this television interview, but you have to appreciate the effort. 


I’ll get to Emily’s dress in a minute, I just had to include this because of the make-up artist. Is that a hipster version of Emily Thorne? Are we privy to a clue here? Because really, we’ve seen Em wear a variety of costumes (and one ill-fitting accent). Do you think she can be two people at the same time? Or is she hiring people off the street as “back-ups”? If you couldn’t tell, I’m totally invested in this show.


Alright, this blue dress. AMAZATRONS. Eerily similar to how Charlotte was styled for the same scene, but a triumph for the wardrobe department. Deep cobalt blue, with a deep-v, complemented by a leather belt that only adds to Emily’s ridiculous figure. It’s all happening here, y’all.


What else can I say but:


Favourite random character of the week? The television reporter. A sad mix of Ms. Barbara Walters and Katie Couric. She’s got the glossy Barbara pearls that are hilariously oversized and clearly from Sears. You’re not fooling anyone, honeychild. And she’s got that sassy bob news ladies love to rock in place. I have a question for you ma’am: did you style yourself? 


After the interview, Emily starts her search for Nolan’s previously mentioned shotgun wielding aunt. However, she doesn’t know that part of the story – all she has are two initials. So what does our girl do? Some good old fashioned Revenging (!!!). Naturally, you start on the internet. ABC, you couldn’t get Google?


It’s been WAY too long since we’ve seen Emily rock a fake identity and costume. Her best accessory this week was that fake ass badge. It’s so cute! Don’t ever change, girlfriend.