Oh the roomies are in quite a mess this week! Schmidt is still suffering from his “member” hurting every time he gets even remotely aroused, Cece starts dressing like a hobo to prevent these events (Newsflash – that girl can NEVER look like crap), and Winston is so high on life that he gets drunk with his boss and gets his ear pierced. But the real fun came when Nick and Jess started backsliding. Out of sheer loneliness, Nick goes back to his ex Caroline who, despite dragging his heart around town, somehow convinces him to move in with her and he accepts. That’s bad, but nothing compared to what Jess is in for…

After breaking up with Russell, Jess decides to mourn her loss by hopping into yet another pair of pajamas we’ve never seen and sulking.


But no. Jess can’t just wear the PJ’s and be SUPER bummed and join the rest of us for a good ugly cry, she throws on a cute pair of slippers to complete her mourning outfit. Thanks for making the rest of the sad girls out there look like garbage.


Cece, being the good friend that she is, convinces Jess she needs to a) stop listening to Joni Mitchell’s “River” on repeat, b) get out of the apartment to c) hit the town. Jess obliges and brings her milkshake to the bar where she hopes to catch some fresh meat.

Holy cleavage batman. This is one of Jess’s typically innocent dresses on steroids. The colours seem cute and fun but the cut screams… well I think you know what it screams.


A couple of drinks in – THE BACKSLIDE BEGINS!

Now, I know you all thought the backslide would be with Russell. But no, it was Paul. Weird, weird Paul. Anyway check out the robe. I SWEAR this girl has a deal with some crazy diversified PJ factory. I’ve never seen anyone with so many pieces of nightwear! She even rocks this robe post-random hookup. So. Not. Fair.

Jess decides she needs to set things straight with Paul. The roomies convinced her to snap out of the backslide by reminding her what a completely horrible cryer Paul was. It’s always helpful to wear a SERIOUSLY awesome dress when sorting things out after a drunken hookup.


Too bad for Jess, she learns Paul actually has a really serious girlfriend.


Can we get back to this dress for a minute? I’m OBSESSED. I am loving all the nautical prints this season and this look is so so good. It’s a little nautical but the black top has some good detail on the bottom that keeps the outfit from looking TOO sailor-esque.



Anyway, Jess’s conscious gets the best of her and she doesn’t want to keep the fact that she slept with Paul a secret from his girlfriend, who we learn is Asian Jess.

Asian Jess takes the news of the affair REALLY badly. But in a crazy turn of events, Jess somehow convinces Asian Jess that this is all a good thing and that Paul really does love her and she should give him another chance.

Then in the season’s most awkward moment, Paul and Jess both propose to Asian Jess.

Honestly. The outfit Asian Jess is sporting is IDENTICAL to something that Jess would wear. Hell, their hair even looks the same from the back!

But real Jess is the winner of this outfit showdown. She takes what could have been a somewhat boring black dress and throws on a black cardigan with some fun accents and boom. The fun has been broughten. By the way, lime green is making a comeback and I’m kind of OK with that.


My prediction for next week: Russell returns and Nick’s backsliding ways are stopped before he makes the brutal mistake of moving in with Caroline. Yes? No? What do you think?