Chuck has a whole handful of issues–trust issues, mommy issues, daddy issues, Blair issues. . .

. . .but at least we can consistently count on him for not having any sartorial issues.

What a gorgeous paisley robe.  Blair, I hope you are taking notes.

And of course, when you show up to ask a lady a favor, you always look your best.

Like this wonderful gray overcoat.


Or this gorgeous navy pinstriped three-piece suit.

The pop of color in his lavender pocketsquare and the periwinkle tie is just perfect.  Nobody wears a suit like Chuck Bass does.

Can you really blame Dan for not trying, then?


At least he’s wearing a color that isn’t blue or gray.  Still sporting that ridiculous hair-mop though.

Minus 50 points for not tucking said shirt in.  Seriously Dan, you are not in high school anymore.

Unbelievably, Nate might be able to give his buddy Dan some pointers.

The slim-cut suit was really designed for a build like Nate’s.  Chuck couldn’t wear these because he’s a bit stockier, but they are sex-on-a-stick for Nate.  Can you really fault Lola for turning her back on a lifetime of UES-hatred for a chance to get into those snug pants?  I don’t think so.

I see, though, that Nate has returned to his favorite place — Island Blue.  That’s okay, I’m prepared to be rather indulgent because of how good he looks.

Uncle (Dad?) Jack would feel right at home on the Hairspray set.  He’s sporting a serious control freak hairdo.

As if he didn’t already look slimy enough.

That is one thing that Bart and Chuck always had in common:  they could wear the hell out of a suit.  Jack just looks sloppy and careless, as if it doesn’t matter what’s on his body.


As for Mr. Bass himself, he looks fairly good considering that he’s spent the last few years in a coffin.

OH WAIT. . .

Still dapper as ever.  Love the blues and grays in his tie, and how his suit picks up the miniscule pinstripes in his shirt.  For sheer genius at complementary matching, Bart needs to be Chuck’s dad, dead or alive.