We’re still in the dead of winter in the Hamptons as the new trial of the decade (what was the other one?) comes to a close after the “suicide” and “confession” by Lee. Jack pieces together the clues like he’s a revenge (!!!) pro, but it still takes dear, sweet, dim Daniel a minute to put it together after Jack tells him. Although, Daniel may not be so sweet since he’s doubling down on Grayson even after Conrad confesses the truth about David Clarke. And Conrad is about to be taken down by the SEC and Queen V – they’re totally doing Emily’s job for her.  Nolan has been hiding a David Clarke journal AND and Aunt Carol who knows the truth about David Clarke’s death. Meanwhile, mostly plotless Ashley tries to give notice to get a job with the lawyer, but Queen V stops that from happening. Good thing Conrad is around to buy her with a brand new Lexus, a job at Grayson Global, and hopefully a storyline. And how do you help your pill popping teenage daughter? Take her to visit the grave of her dead terrorist father, that’s how (and totally discover someone else is leaving him flowers…who could it be?!?).


Emily’s Target

No red sharpie’ing anyone this week. No, this week is all about reconnaissance into who helped the Grayson’s kill her father.

Gala of the Week
Other than the Occupy Daniel protests outside the courthouse (it trended on Twitter), no parties this week. Hey, it’s off-season in the Hamptons.

Best Dressed
Queen V hanging out around the house in her casual wear: a burgundy scoop back, lacy crocheted sheath dress.

Most Soapy Moment
Which to choose? Nolan’s secret Aunt Carol? Conrad admitting everything to Daniel like a Bond villain? Or Daniel sitting alone in his dad’s office now that he knows he’s going to run a corporation that frames innocent men? I’m going to go with the latter.

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 0
But she does shoot Daniel some seriously icy glares when he sticks by Conrad, even after Conrad admitted what the Graysons did to David Clarke.


Stop by on Saturday when Anthony gives us the lowdown on the revengers (!!!).