Whoa, Sally! Wait, how old is she now? She is clearly following Megan’s direction here, but she seems eager to do so. I can’t wait to see this Coming Of Age Story play out, you guys…


Even though Joanie is at the office in both of these outfits, she makes SCDP brighter with some bold solids, and boy does she work it. She is effortless. Utterly effortless. We all wish we were Joan. Admit it.

Oh, and it’s nice to see she didn’t lose the pen necklace while on maternity leave.


Effortless also describes Megan’s chic maman Marie, who wears things like she was born in them, and not like they are separate from her being. This hat is exquisite and really fashion forward (for the time) and although it might look weird on some, on Marie it looks formidable.



At the awards ceremony, she pulls a little Audrey Hepburn out of her closet and saunters around like she invented the LBD.


Long (but teeny…sorry, best I could do) shot.


I know this is one of Megan’s office looks, but DANG. Skinny belt, bold patterned skirt… wait, didn’t I see this at Anthropologie a few weeks back?



This blue and green number looks like Peggy’s blue green number, but on Megan it looks natural. On Peggy it looks forced.


Megan’s soiree getup is gorgeous and also very Audrey. The neckline, the hairdo, and the accoutrements remind me of My Fair Lady when she goes to the ball… except instead of white, Megan is wearing a blinding 60’s orange. But she’s working it.

Let’s take a closeup look:

Hey Don? If you screw this one up, I will never forgive you.


Back to more of Megan’s dayware! This shopping outfit is to die for. If this is casual 60’s shopping wear, then I want to be a casual 60s shopper all the time. Black and white and gorgeous all over!


Meanwhile, Roger’s ex-wife Mona shows up looking like Cougar Town, USA. She appears to be in good form, albeit very tan and overly made up. Mona, honey. Calling Roger out on his midlife crisis appears to be the pot calling the kettle black.


I mean, really. What is this lipstick situation we have going on here? Is that brown? It’s not cute, Mona. Not cute.


Peggy’s one home run is a pinky number with a sweet bow and a delicate strand of pearls. She thinks she’s getting proposed to. She picked something girly, trendy, short, and sweet, but instead she gets asked to shack up together. Did anyone else see this coming? Legally Blonde-style?

Sigh. Poor Peggy. Maybe there’s something better on the horizon.