Happy Sunday, YKYLF nation!

Ever since we began our humble site, we’ve received clothing ID questions on a regular basis. It’s clear you want some practicality along with your snark. To that end, staff writer Steph has stepped into a new role as our Shopping Editor. Each week she’ll highlight several looks from our most popular shows. These will be added to our recaps, but we’ll also package them here, so you can get a quick look at all our favsies from the week. Sometimes it’ll be an exact match, sometimes a “Get a similar look”-type recommendation.

But don’t worry…the sassy recaps aren’t going anywhere. Enjoy!


Lily’s “Our family is PERFECTLY NORMAL” dinner dress from Gossip Girl “Despicable B”



Jess’s “having dinner with my boyfriend and his crazy ex-wife is a great idea” dress from New Girl “Tomatoes”



The Glee girls’ glam formalwear from “Dance With Somebody”



Charlotte’s “Hey, just seducing my ex-boyfriend so he won’t implicate my brother” ensemble from Revenge “Justice”

Revenge 01×18 “Justice”
Herve Leger, Banana Republic, Valentino, Asos
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