And speaking of cliché outfits. What the hell, Nolan?

It would seem that there is a dress code if you wish to fraternize with random hotel staff in small towns across New England. Isn’t it a bit early for ironic Christmas sweaters?


At least we know the front desk clerk got the memo to dress the part of scheming minion.


There were also a lot of vests happening this episode.  I don’t mind this one:


… But this one looks like it’s leather. Which, no matter what kind of Burberry dress shirt you might be sporting underneath, is never ok. Unless you are a 300lb biker dude named Tiny and your Harley is parked out back. And if that’s the case? Then I am not going to interfere with that.


I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with Emily’s wardrobe this episode. Pretty boring really. The one exception is her killer coat

Seriously. That collar is amazing. Also, how come nobody in real life ever looks that good in a winter coat? I’m from Canada. It gets cold here. I would wear a potato sack if I thought it would keep me warm. All this fashionable outerwear just makes me feel like I’ve been doing something wrong for all this time.


And then there’s Charlotte.

Oh honey. The burgeoning pill addiction, terrorist father, golden-child brother, estranged half sister- it’s a Lifetime movie in the making really.


I guess if you’re going to be pimped out by your own mother, you might as well look smoking hot while doing it. Well- kind of. I’ll give an A for effort here. The short, tight bandage dress is a page right out of the Victoria Grayson playbook circa the beginning of this season. And the fur coat? Pure stripper with a heart of gold. Declan does seem to be enjoying it. After all it has been 58 days since they last spoke…


Up close.


The back view.


Honorable mention for this episode goes to the return of the whale cam.  Where does one purchase one of those things anyway?

What. You wish you could Revenge (!!!) like me.


I predict things will start to get real interesting real quick. Will Daniel be acquitted? Is he off the wagon? Will Jack ever wear something other than plaid?

Only time will tell.